Why do cats purr


Why do cats purr

Purring is the most noticeable sound that a cat makes, other than their “meow”. We assume that cats purr because they are happy and in good mood. However, did you ever think of what a cats purr may really mean?

Is the cat always happy when they purr?

In most cases, cats purr when they are relaxed, calm and happy. Cats purr when you stroke them, and in this case, it means that they are happy and socializing with you.

However, cats purr can mean other emotions and needs too. They may purr even when they are nervous too, and there are many other reasons too.

Reasons that your cat is purring

The reasons for your cat to purr include a happy mood, Need for food, Kitten-mother relationship, self relief while in pain, and self-healing. These are indicated below in detail.

Happy mood

If the cat looks relaxed, eyes half-closed and the tail is mostly still, the cat is in a relaxed mood.

The need for food

Cats may purr to request food when its mealtime and they are hungry. This purr is combined with a “meow”

Kitten and mother relationship

Kittens are able to purr when they are a few days old. This is a method to inform their mother about their whereabouts, and if they are ok. Mother cats use purring as a lullaby, and it helps to increase the kitten and mother bond.

Self relief

Cats purr when they are hurt or in pain. Purring helps the cat to relieve itself, same as we massage our head to relieve from a headache.

Self Heal

Purring helps cats to get better faster. The low frequencies help the cat to heal bones and wounds, build and repair tendons, ease breathing and decrease pain and swelling. This could be a clue to, why cats are able to endure high falls and have fewer after surgery complications than dogs.

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