Twitter bans Animated PNG


Twitter bans Animated PNG

Twitter is a well known social media platform which the users can interact with a mass audience through tweets which can be up to 280 characters. The social media platform has recently banned users from using animated PNG files.

This decision was taken after an attack carried out on the handle and hashtags of the Epilepsy foundation. The attackers sent seizure inducing animated photos to photo sensitive individuals through using the hashtags and the handle of the foundation. 

As the root cause of this issue, Twitter recently found a bug which neglects auto play protection.

Animated PNG files currently in twitter will remain as it is but users will not be allowed to publish new files.

The epilepsy foundation has filed a criminal complaint with US law enforcement. It is said that the attackers posted flashing and strobe lights to trigger seizure in epilepsy sufferers. According to the foundation most people are unaware that they are sensitive to strobe lights until they get a seizure. They claim that this attack is similar to , a person carrying a strobe light into a convention of people with epilepsy and seizures with intentions of harming the participants. 

However it’s not clear how many users got affected, but Twitter has taken this action as prevention. Twitter also added that it will build a similar but better feature in lieu to animated PNG s to enhance the user experience.

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