Tom Cruise is going to shoot a movie in space

tom cruise

Tom Cruise is going to shoot a movie in space

Tom Cruise is going to fly into space to shoot a movie. NASA confirms it. The head of NASA confirmed that the agency is working with the actor to shoot a movie in the International Space Station, which orbits 250 miles above the earth.

Various crews of astronauts lived in space Station since 2000. Those who can spend billions on paid tours also have the chance of visiting the station, and few such tourists have already visited the station.

Few movies have already been shot in the International Space Station. This includes the 2002 IMAX documentary which was narrated by Tom Cruise himself, and the 2012s “Apogee of Fear” science fiction which was filmed by a space tourist named Richard Garriott.

However, Tom Cruise will be the first actor to travel the ISS to shoot a movie. He’s already famous among movie fans for doing dangerous stunts himself without a stunt double. And now he’s going to endure space travel for a movie.

tom cruise in Mission Impossible 2 Tom Cruise in a scene from Mission Impossible movies

This will be the first action-adventure movie shooting in outer space. However, it’s not clarified how Tom will get into outer space and which additional crew will join him for the movie. He may use the Space X program capsules to travel there since the company is to start manned missions to ISS.

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