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Indian women died on her way to her own rape trial

india women died

A 23 years old women in Unnao , Uttar Pradesh died on Friday. She was on her way to testify at the trial of two men accused of rape. She was attacked set on fire as she traveled to the Unnao railway station.

She has suffered burns to 95% on her body and died on Friday night because of a cardiac arrest at a hospital in New Delhi.

Before she died, she told police the two men who stand accused of raping her in this march were involve involved in Thursday’s attack. Also, their fathers and nephew also involved in the incident.

According to the police, the two accused rapist was out on bail and the other had been n the run. But five men were initially arrested on suspicion on Thursday.

But most of the women’s social service leaders are blamed holes in the legal system of India. Also, they pointed out the gang rape and murder of a27 year’s old woman in Hyderabad last week.