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Asteroid may strike Earth day prior to US Elections

An asteroid with the size of a refrigerator could hit the Earth on the day before the US Elections. According to celebrity Astrophysicist scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this could happen on 2nd November.

However, according to him, this collision won’t cause any considerable damage to Earth. This space rock known as 2018VP1 is coming towards the Earth at 25000 miles per hour.

He published this information on Instagram.

But NASA previously identified this space rock and told that its chances of entering the Earths atmosphere is 0.41% and even if it did, it would disintegrate due to its small size.


How to save International Space Station from Corona-virus

Next space mission to the International Space Station is planned on 9th April and it’s getting closer. As at today, NASA has no intentions to postpone the mission. International Space Station is like a quarantine itself, isolated from Earth. Getting infected with coronavirus in a closed space with no hospitals for thousands of miles may be the worst situation to encounter on a space mission. What are the measures that NASA’s going to take against such a catastrophe?

Anyway, NASA has been careful about germs even before Coronavirus. Even in the past on Apollo 14 launch 1972, crew members had to spend 14 days in a health stabilization quarantine before launch. Under present circumstances, NASA will be testing the crew for COVID-19 before the quarantine.

The launch site is in Kazakhstan which has closed its borders due to coronavirus cases. One of the crew members is also from Kazakhstan. NASA team will enter the country under special permission. No reporters are allowed to cover it during the launch event. The event is Going to be held with only the participation of essential personnel. So the Russian space agency is going to live stream the event, which is not a usual thing for them. But NASA usually streams these events live.

In mid-April, some ISS members are to return to Earth. They are probably virus free. The capsule carrying them will land on the Kazak desert. These type of landing require a large no of recovery personnel. NASA has not announced plans on how to make this personal virus-free but probably have a plan.


Space X launches 60 more satellites to Starlink network

Elon Musks Space X network launched 60 more satellites to its Starlink network. With this 60 , the total satellites in orbit that belongs to Starlink will be 182. Which means, Starlink operates more commercial satellites in orbit than any other company now.

The latest went on a Falcon – 9 rocket which belongs to Space X. The satellites were put in orbit as part of a plan to provide  broadband internet globally through the satellites. The company has permission to launch 12000 satellites according to regulations. But Space X has requested permission for 40000 depending on how the project progresses.

Two more batches of 60 is to be launched before the end of this month.

But this is highly criticized by astronomers worldwide who claim that a large number of artificial objects block their view of the space.

However the Space X believes that the concerns are overstated. The company says that the Starlinks are bright shortly after launch but this is the result of the configuration the satellites adopt as they raise themselves up from an altitude of 290km to 550km. Once in the final orbit the objects should be barely visible. Said the company. They also provided astronomers each satellites coordinates to plan the observations without any obstruction. The latest batch of 60 also had an experimental coating to reduce the reflectivity.