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Have you heard of the Galentine’s Day?

As you all know Valentine’s day falls today on the 14 February. But have you ever heard of the Galentines day? What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s day is the other half of the Valentines day, which falls on 13 February. Valentine’s day is there to celebrate with your loved ones. But Galentine’s day is there to celebrate the friendship among ladies. Unlike the valentines day which can be celebrated by exchanging cards and gifts between loved ones, Galentine’s day encourages to get out and have some great time with female friends. The Galentines events are “Ladies only”. It’s an occasion which the girls get together and have some fun.

Rather than relating to the life of a saint such as the Valentine, Galentines originated from an event which came up in the famous comedy series: Parks and Recreation. Galentine’s Day first appeared in season 2 of the cult classic.

In an episode of 2010, the protagonist Leslie Knope (actress Amy Poehler plays the role) gathers a group of women for a breakfast, a day before the valentines day. The series describes this occasion as “ladies celebrating ladies”.

The most famous gift for Galentine’s are essays describing, why each individual is important in the life of the others.