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How to create your own website using wordpress

Website development was for the experts earlier

A few years back, creating a web site was something done by the experts. To create a website such as a news web required expert designers who know how to design pages and good developers who know code such as the simple HTML/CSS and programming languages such as PHP or JAVA.

Today it's made easy by the CMS systems

But today the scenario is deferent because of ready-made content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and many more. Today even the expert developers use these content management systems to create websites because they are easy and fast to develop. Someone with good HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge can entirely adopt a CMS website to their needs with ease. Rather than building from scratch, by using such systems the development process is very quick. For example, a fully functional news website can be built in a day or two using a CMS.

Best CMS for beginners is the WordPress

WordPress Logo

At the present the most popular CMS system is WordPress. Even people without any coding knowledge can develop websites using WordPress templates and plugins. you just need to have an idea about what functions your web site needs. People have developed blog sites such as news and magazines, and even e-commerce online sales web sites using WordPress, without having coding knowledge. So having some coding knowledge is a huge advantage, but even without coding knowledge, you can build your website yourself through WordPress. Although there are other services such as Wix to create websites, WordPress is more popular because it’s open source. WordPress is not simple as drag and drop, but through this, you can create a website free of charge for your needs. So today we are going to tell you how to install a WordPress website in your server.

How to install WordPress

  • First, you have to purchase a hosting account and a domain name through a provider such as Namecheap or Godaddy.
  • In the hosting service, you get a control panel to log in to. In this control panel, you get a link as Softaculous. Click on it. You’ll get the bellow screen
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-11-13
WordPress option
  • Select WordPress from the menu. You’ll get the bellow screen.
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-11-30
  • Click Install Now to begin the installation. This will take you to a settings screen as bellow. 
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-12-04
installation settings-select folder. Leave it blank , so the site will install to the root folder.
  • In this screen, you can set the site’s installation folder. Recommended to leave it blank so you can install the site directly to the root folder of the domain. By scrolling downwards on the same screen you will find the settings to set site name and description. On the same screen, you will find the settings for the administrator username and password. Set all these settings as suited. Please remember the username and password to log in to the admin console later.
  • Don’t fill in the advanced settings until you get some knowledge of WordPress, so do not expand the advanced settings tab.
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-12-11
Username and password settings , Site name and description settings

Scroll down for the installation button as in the bellow image. Press install to finalize the settings and begin installing.

Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-12-23
Press install button to begin installation
  • Afterward, you’ll get the installation progress screen as bellow.
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-12-38
Installation progress

When the installation is finished you’ll get the bellow screen, which contains the links for site administration console and the viewing of the web site.

Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-12-41
Installation finished

Congratulations now you have installed WordPress CMS in your server. You can log in to the control panel now to customize this web site. In the next article, we will see how to select and install a suitable theme and plugins to this web site. As the first project, let’s learn how to create a magazine web site using WordPress in future articles.

Till then you can log in to the admin console and go to themes tab to browse various themes available. Same way get into the plugins tab to browse various available plugins.

Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-50-31
Web site home page
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-51-52
Admin consol (Control panel) log in screen
Screenshot from 2020-06-13 12-50-57
Control Panel