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Prepare hand sanitizers at home

Due to the viral outbreak of coronavirus, health officials advise to use hand sanitizers frequently. But it may be difficult for you to find hand sanitizers in stores due to the higher demand. And also hand sanitizers may not be affordable for many people due to their expensive prices.

Anyway, if you can find below-mentioned chemicals, you can prepare yourself hand sanitizers by spending a very little amount of money and effort.

Method 1

Surgical Spirit 70ml
Glycerin 20ml
Hydrogen Peroxide 10ml
Citronella Oil 5-10 drops

Stir well and you have 100ml of hand sanitizers at hand!

Method 2

Lab grade Isopropyl Alcohol 2/3
Aloe Vera gel 1/3
5-10 drops of Citronella oil

Stir well and You have your hand sanitizer at hand!