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Tesla Acquires Maxwell

Super car manufacturer Tesla has acquired the battery maker Maxwell Technologies for over 200 million.

It seems Tesla and Maxwell had discussions for years about the opportunities between the two companies. However Tesla has been serious about the deal since 2018.

Earlier this week Tesla announced its final offer for Maxwell and the deal is now completed.

Tesla announced in a press release : “Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) today announced the successful completion of its previously announced offer to exchange all outstanding shares of common stock of Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (“Maxwell”) for 0.0193 of a share of Tesla common stock, together with cash in lieu of any fractional shares of Tesla common stock, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes.”

Maxwell has recently been discussing a dry electrode technology for batteries. This technology seems to have great potential in improving the performance of Li – Ion batteries. It’s this reason that motivated Tesla for the acquisition.

Rather than being involved in the battery manufacturing business, Tesla seems to have other intentions. They plan to integrate dry electrode technology into current Li-Ion batteries of Tesla vehicles. So the battery performance and efficiency of future Tesla vehicles will be improved from 15% to 50%.


Space X launches 60 more satellites to Starlink network

Elon Musks Space X network launched 60 more satellites to its Starlink network. With this 60 , the total satellites in orbit that belongs to Starlink will be 182. Which means, Starlink operates more commercial satellites in orbit than any other company now.

The latest went on a Falcon – 9 rocket which belongs to Space X. The satellites were put in orbit as part of a plan to provide  broadband internet globally through the satellites. The company has permission to launch 12000 satellites according to regulations. But Space X has requested permission for 40000 depending on how the project progresses.

Two more batches of 60 is to be launched before the end of this month.

But this is highly criticized by astronomers worldwide who claim that a large number of artificial objects block their view of the space.

However the Space X believes that the concerns are overstated. The company says that the Starlinks are bright shortly after launch but this is the result of the configuration the satellites adopt as they raise themselves up from an altitude of 290km to 550km. Once in the final orbit the objects should be barely visible. Said the company. They also provided astronomers each satellites coordinates to plan the observations without any obstruction. The latest batch of 60 also had an experimental coating to reduce the reflectivity.


Elon Musk is unhappy about his wikipedia page

Tesla CEO Elon Musk checked his wikipedia page for the first time in his life and he seems to be unhappy about the page. He tweeted, “Just looked at my wiki for 1st time in years. It’s insane!” Musk tweeted on Sunday, saying the page was “a war zone with a zillion edits.”

He also tweeted that he should not be introduced as an investor because he does zero investing. “Can someone please delete ‘investor.’ I do basically zero investing,” he wrote.

He also wrote that, “If Tesla & SpaceX go bankrupt, so will I. As it should be,” implying that most of his wealth is in the stocks of both companies.

The wikipedia described him as a technology engineer, entrepreneur and investor. But Musk claimed that he doesn’t own stakes in any companies other than those founded by himself, primarily Tesla and SpaceX.

After about 5 hours from his tweet, few wikipedia users deleted the word investor. After a short while another user replaced the word investor with “Business Magnet” as requested by Elon

Currently only the registered and confirmed users can edit Elon’s Wikipedia page (Semi Protection mode). 

But with this kind of response Wikipedia may consider upgrading it to the Full Protection mode which only allows the administrator to edit.


Elon Musks SpaceX to carry Coffee and Cannabis to space

An American agrotech company is planning to send weeds and coffee to the space. This company named Front Range Bio Sciences plan to send them on a SpaceX cargo flight. The cargo flight is SpaceX CRS-20 cargo flight which is set for launch in March 2020.

The purpose is to observe how low gravity and space radiation affect the genetics of plant cell cultures. For this mission Front Range has teamed up with Space Cells and Bio Serve a tech startup research institute in the University of Colorado.

The cells will be on International Space Station for a month under observation from earth by the research institute. Then the cells will be transported back to earth.

Internatinoal Space Station

This is one of the first times anyone is researching the effects of micro gravity and spaceflight on hemp and coffee cell cultures.There is science to support the theory that plants in space experience mutations. This is an opportunity to see whether those mutations hold up once brought back to earth

Front Range CEO Dr Jonathan Vaught told.

Musk looks on at SpaceX Falcon 9 post-launch news conference in Cape Canaveral
SpaceX founder Elon Musk
Front Range Ceo Dr Jonathan Vaught
SpaceX rockets
Musk looks on at SpaceX Falcon 9 post-launch news conference in Cape Canaveral

Elon Musk’s mom trolled him on Twitter

Last Tuesday Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, tweeted a 1995 picture of Elon with his very first car, saying “and people said you knew nothing about cars”

Elon responded with a comment explaining the backstory of the picture saying “Couldn’t afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed almost everything on that car from parts in the junkyard. Ironically, that’s me replacing broken side window glass. The circle is complete lol”. Elon said referring to the recent smashed windows incident of the Cyber truck.

Although Maye’s tweet seem to be an innocent tweet, she already knew about the embarrassment caused on stage by the smashed windows of Tesla cyber-truck.So this can be viewed as Elon’s mother casually trolling him about the Cybertruck incident.

The car in Maye’s tweet is a BMW 320i that Elon has bought for $1400 in 1993. Elon also told the twitter users how the window of the old car broke. “They smashed the window to steal the radio which is worth may be $20”.