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The Dutch Reach, How a simple change becomes a lifesaver

When you open a door of a vehicle, there’s a risk that the door could hit something if you don’t look before you open. This could be a dangerous scenario if you hit a pedestrian or a cyclist. Cyclists around the world are frequently killed by this incident, which is called the “Dooring”.

No one knows for sure but the dutch reach was introduced by the Netherlands over 50 years back as a solution to this problem. Today this is taught in schools. The driving tests require this to pass the test. What actually is the Dutch Reach?

Nothing complicated. Dutch reach is how you reach the vehicle’s door handle. It requires that you reach the door handle with the hand further to the door. Not the hand close to the door. For instance, if you are seated on the right side of the vehicle your right hand is the closest to the door. So don’t use it to open the door. Use your left hand. If you are seated on the left side, use the right hand.

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This way when your opposite sides hand reaches the door, it automatically forces your body to turn around and look above the shoulder before you open the door. So you get to know if it’s safe to open the door or not.


For more information about the Dutch Reach please visit the dedicated web site https://www.dutchreach.org/.