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German circus uses holograms instead of real animals

A German circus is the first in the world to use holograms to relieve real animals. Animal activists are praising the circus because of this different method being used as a substitute for real animal

But how do you think the Circus Roncalli’s founder, Bernhard Paul got the idea? In 2018 there was the NFL Super Bowl half-time show which Justin Timberlake was seen singing alongside a hologram of the music legend “Prince”. Prince was in fact not alive at that time. He died 2 years back. After watching this show Bernhard was determined to implement this technique in his circus.

The circus now use 11 projectors to create 3d holograms. There’s a crew of 15 designers and software engineers to carry out the process. They feature holographic horses which stampede around the circus ring, elephants and even fishes.

Many animal rights activists appreciate the circuses work because they do not use any real animals. It’s no secret that most circuses treat animals inappropriately. Circus Roncalli says that their focus anyway was on clowns, acrobats and poetic acts so this transformation was nothing difficult.

Regulations on circuses are getting tougher day by day. Recently the government of UK banned circuses from using wild animals.

Image Source : MSN