Scientists say they can move the solar system


Scientists say they can move the solar system

As explained by a video in the you tube channel Kurzgesagt, It is theoretically possible to move our entire solar system using a giant mega structure spaceship.

This Stellar Engine uses solar energy and matter to produce energy through nuclear fusion reactors.The energy produced is fired through jets. A Dyson sphere is required to focus a huge energy from sun in to this engine and the engine is placed near the sun to absorb the energy. A second jet fires a stream towards the sun for the purpose of pushing it and to avoid the jet from falling in to the sun.

They call it the “Caplan Thruster”, after Dr.Matthew Caplan who proposed this theory.

But why is this necessary? As you all know our solar system orbits around the center of the galaxy. It may face various threats such as asteroids,giant black holes and supernova explosions throughout its journey. In such cases it will be useful if there’s a way to avoid threats by changing the course. Apart from avoiding such threats, humans can use the whole solar system as a spaceship to explore the universe. Humans can even colonize life supporting planets if they find any in the path while traveling.

At the present our civilizations are not capable of practically using this theory but who knows? We would evolve in to a such civilization in 100 years or thousand years.

Watch the entire video.

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