Noida double murder case (Talwar)


Noida double murder case (Talwar)

Aarushi Talwar murder case which is also known as the Noida double murders is an unsolved mystery up to today. It’s known to be the India’s biggest murder mystery in modern times.

Aarushi was 13 years old during the time of the incident. She lived in an apartment in Noida India. Her parents were well known and reputed Dentists in the society (Rajesh and Nupur Talwar).

Due to the parents busy lifestyle Aarushi was mostly left alone in the house with their servant and driver Hemraj Bandaje. Hemraj was the one who drove Aarushi to and from school.

Hemraj Bandaje

Discovery of the Aarushi’s murder

One version of the story says that the housemaid Arathi arrived on the morning of 16th May. When she arrived in the morning the front door was locked. When she rang the door bell a key was thrown to her from upstairs by Nupur the mother. When she opened the door herself and arrived near Aarushi’s room after climbing the stairs both parents were standing near her room and shouted “look what Hemraj has done. Find him “. Aarushi was lying dead in bed with her throat slit.

The other version of the story says that the housemaid arrived in the morning and went in to Aarushis room, and was shocked to discover Aarushi murdered in bead with her throat slit.

At this time Hemraj the servant was missing unusually. So all the suspicion directed towards Hemraj. Assumptions were made that Hemraj raped,murdered Aarushi and ran away.

But the story takes a dramatic turn when Hemraj’s body was discovered on the terrace of the house on 17th May. This proved that Hemraj is not the murderer. The body was partially decomposed and the police failed to secure the crime scene. Lot of people gathered in the house to witness the crime scene affecting evidences on the location.

The terrace where Hemrajs body was discovered.Police failed to secure the crime scene.Lot of outsiders gathered to witness the murders.

So the suspicion directed towards Rajesh and Nupur the parents. Assumptions were made by the police that Rajesh caught Hemraj and Aarushi behaving in an inappropriate way and Rajesh was outraged. It was said that he killed both of them using a gold club and then slit Aarushis throat to mislead the investigations.Under such assumptions Rajesh was named the prime suspect and both parents were declared suspects.

CBI involvement

The police were accused of trying to frame the Talwars to cover up the

ir blothed investigations. So the case is then handed over to the CBI of India the Central Bureau of Investigations.

People in the servants room

Based on the new evidence CBI claimed that there were three people in the servants room that night with Hemraj having a party. This was claimed based on a bottle of wine and food discovered in the house. These people were told to be Krishna Tadari the Talwars assistant, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal who were servants of nearby houses. CBI then directed their suspicion towards these three people.

The Narco Test

They were interrogated using narcotics by the CBI. They call this method a narco test.In this interrogation they accept that they raped and killed Aarushi and then murdered Hemraj for being a witness and opposing their activities. But the narco test was not accepted as solid evidence so all three people got released.


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Second CBI team

Despite the failure the case was handed over to a second CBI team. This team declared Rajesh Talwar the prime suspect and both parents were declared suspects again.

The verdict in 2013

In 2013 the parents were convicted and sentenced to life.Buy the verdict was not given based on strong evidence.

After conviction

Verdict in 2017

Talwars challenged the verdict on Allahabad high court. On October 2017 the Talwars were acquitted due to unsatisfactory evidence.

The case still remain unsolved without proper evidence to prove anything about what really happened. Hemrajs family is in strong belief that Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar is responsible for the murders. They have come from Nepal to India to appeal the verdict of 2017 and put Talwars back in jail.

The movies based on the case

However there are few movies based on the assumptions and rumors of the case. Two Hindi language movies directly involved the case and few Tamil movies also have references to the case.

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