New woman astronaut world record by NASA

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New woman astronaut world record by NASA

NASA’s Christina Koch has set a space record by spending more consecutive days in space than any other female astronaut. As for last Tuesday Koch has been living and working in the International Space Station (ISS) for  292 days.

The previous record for the longest consecutive space flight by a female was held by NASA’s Peggy Whitson. That was 288 days.


Koch arrived on ISS on March 14, for a 6 month mission. But eventually her mission extended till April 2020 to give scientists a chance to gather data on the effects of long-term spaceflight on astronauts’ health and performance. NASA will be using this data to develop Moon and Mars missions. By the time she heads back to earth the total days spent in space will be 328 days.

Earlier on October Koch made history by joining the first all female space walk with fellow astronaut Jessica Meir. This was to make a broken part in the power network.


jessica SUBJECT: Official NASA Astronaut Portrait in EMU – Jessica Meir..PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Valcarcel

Former record holder Whitson congratulated Koch on Twitter, saying that “records are made to be broken.” How ever she still holds the record for the most cumulative time spent in space, by a US astronaut. She has a total of 665 total days in space by participating in several missions.

The record holder for the most cumulative time in space is a Russian astronaut, Gennady Padalka. He has a total of 879 days in space.

864px-Padalka Gennady Padalka

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