Mighty Mice return from Space


Mighty Mice return from Space

Genetically enhanced mice were on ISS since December 8th as a part of scientific experiment. The mice were donated by the nonprofit Jackson Laboratory in Maine. They were genetically modified  for muscle growth to experiment the zero gravity effects on human body.

The mice returned to earth on Tuesday in a Space X Dragon capsule which landed in pacific ocean.

space x

The experiment is called Rodent Research-19 and it researches on myostation and activin, Which are molecular signalling paths of muscle degradation.

During long term space flights, Some astronauts have experienced bone and muscle loss. Experiments like this can help to understand how to manage these kind of problems. Researchers believe that these kind of experiments can help to prevent muscle and brain loss during missions and to  help with recovery efforts after the astronauts return to earth.

The research also helps other patients on earth with the bone and muscle loss conditions on their treatments. This includes muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis and diseases that cause muscle wasting like cancer, heart disease, sepsis and AIDS.

These mice have a muscle mass of two times compared to average mice, so they are called the “Mighty Mice”. 40 female mice were sent to the space station. They will be compared with 40 normal female mice (Unaltered) on earth as a control.

The research knowledge is also to be applied on future Mars and Moon missions.

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