Italian man takes books to rural villages on 3 wheels


Italian man takes books to rural villages on 3 wheels

Basilicata is a small city in the far south of Italy. In the past this area was very rural and isolated. It was formerly called Lucania. The things have changed now and its a good tourist destination. However some villages in the hills are still isolated.

Antonio La Cava is a retired teacher who worked for about 42 years before retirement. He has decided that he still can do something for the children in his region. He turned his Piaggio Ape in to a small mobile library.

He drives this library to the isolated areas in his region inviting children to donate or borrow books. For these children living in rural areas it may be very difficult to reach a library. For such , what Mr. Cava does is a very useful activity. In his library he visits communities which have less than 1000 people.

He has been doing this service for 10 years now driving through villages, stopping , chatting and offering books to children.

One other special thing is that he carries exercise books in this library. When he meets children in one village he invites them to write the first paragraph of a story in them. Another paragraph will be written by the children of another village. This way creates a story book with less effort and with the contribution of children in all villages. 

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