Isolation advise by Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir


Isolation advise by Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir

Jessica Meir is a Jewish astronaut who’s in the International Space Station. On Thursday she advised the Israelis and all other people on how to stay mentally and physically fit, while stuck indoors.

“It is very strange and a bit surreal for us to see it all unfold when we’ve been up here for the entire duration of what’s going on down on the ground and it seems that we will be completely going back to a different planet,” she said in the video posted by the Jerusalem embassy.

“It’s something we think a lot about up here. She said answering a question posed by the embassy. The question was — “How can we stay engaged and healthy indoors?” —

“And I think there are a lot of things that people can do to make things a little bit easier on them. And some of the things that we do up here is we make sure to stick to our routine. We stick to our exercise routine to stay fit and healthy,” she said. “Exercise is something, as we know, that’s important not only for our physical fitness but also for our mental well-being, and that’s something that we emphasize a lot up here.”

She also said that regular contacts with family and friends as well as the other loved ones are very important. People can connect via video conferencing. She says that’s one thing regularly done on Space Station as well to the psychological support of astronauts to improve their mentality.

Meir frequently posts photos of Earth taken from the International Space Station, where she has been since late September. In November, she posted a photo of Israel, in a tribute to her father.

Last October, Meir participated in the first female-only spacewalk. Since the first spacewalk in 1965, there have been 227 spacewalkers. Only 14 of them were women. Meir is on the 15th.

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Source: NASA

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