How To Date Russian and Ukrainian Women


How To Date Russian and Ukrainian Women

Obviously, due to national culture and traditions, each country has its own peculiarities. It’s certainly true when you date a girl from Russia or Ukraine. Here are some crucial tips about Ukrainian and Russian Dating.

1. Even though these countries are neighbors, Ukrainian and Russian women are different. They are different in appearance, devotion, character, level of independence, etc. Here you can read a bit more about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian Women.

2. Slavic girls are very feminine. It means that they will do their best to look great and cook well. Also, they will expect a man to be proactive and initiative. At the same time, they certainly know how to make their men happy.

3. Russian girls are serious about their relationship. If she goes with you it means that she potentially considers you as a boyfriend or even a husband.

4. Pick up lines do work with Ukrainian and Russian girls. Slavic women like men with a good sense of humor. Moreover, they are open to meeting new people. So, feel free to use interesting first phrases to start a conversation.

5. Don’t wait too long with the 2nd date. Although, it’s ok to give it a pause, don’t make it longer than 5 days. After 5 days she will most likely think you don’t want the 2nd date.

6. Most likely you will pay for dinner. Due to quite a conservative tradition on Russian dating man pays for dinner. Of course, she may offer to share a bill, but be sure, she expects you to pay. Some time ago it was considered as she “takes advantage” of a man. But in fact, it’s more like “if he says – he cares”.

7. You can find Slavic girls on Russian Dating Sites. Due to different reasons (an economic situation, problems with local guys) they are trying to find a husband abroad. So feel free to register on any online dating site. You will find lots of beautiful single Russian girls there.

Due to their unusual beauty and natural character, Slavic girls are quite popular among American and European men. However, in order to make her fall in love with you, you have to take into account all the national specs and traditions. It will show that you care and make her love you even more.


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