Hero cat rescues abandoned baby


Hero cat rescues abandoned baby

Masha is a long haired Feline cat who lives in Obninsk city Russia. The cat has saved the life of an abandoned baby boy who was less than 12 weeks. 

Apparently the cat heard the cries of a baby in a cardboard box. The baby was crying because he was cold. So the cat has stepped in to the cardboard box and wrapped itself around the boy to keep him warm. 

Hearing cats loud meows in the morning resident Irina Lavrora rushed there to check if the cat was injured. Then she discovered the baby who was now calm. The baby is now safely handed over to the relevant authorities and is in healthy condition.

Masha is a communal cat who is looked after by the residents of the area and now she’s hailed a hero by the residents for her heroic act. 

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