FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites


FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites

Federal officials arrested two people in Las Vegas. These two named Darryl Polo, 36, and Luis Villarino, 40 were running two of the largest illegal television and movie streaming services.

The prosecutors are going to charge them on  copyright infringement for running iStreamItAll and Jetflix. One of these is an illegal TV streaming service and the other is a subscribed streaming service.

With roughly 120000 TV shows and 10000 movies, this subscribed streaming service provided more content than any of the other legal sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Vudu.

Polo have convinced subscribers of legal services to cancel the subscriptions in favor of pirated content.Polo also have downloaded the content from torrents illegally and hosted for streaming. Polo admitted to have earned more than 1 million $ from the services.

Polo used a sophisticated computer program to crawl pirate sites for illegal content. This program then automatically downloads and uploads found content to Canadian servers for streaming.

Officials say that in addition Polo ran several other piracy services too.Their services have costed copyright owners millions of dollars.


Polo and Villarino will be sentenced in Virginia next March.


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