E-Cigarettes increase the risk of lung diseases?


E-Cigarettes increase the risk of lung diseases?

According to a study by UC San Francisco researchers, E-Cigarettes may increase the risk of developing chronic lung diseases. This is the first long-term study about the relationship between e cigarettes and the risk of developing lung diseases such as emphysema,asthma, chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) and bronchitis. This study represented the entire US adult population.

“What we found is that for e-cigarette users, the odds of developing lung disease increased by about a third, even after controlling for their tobacco use and their clinical and demographic information,” said Stanton Glantz, PhD, a UCSF professor of medicine and director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, in a press release.

They found out that most smokers use both the e cigarette and tobacco together. They found out that this is even more riskier than using one of them along. People who use both of them are at an even higher risk of receiving chronic lung disease than those who exclusive smoked tobacco or used an e cigarette.

“Switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes exclusively could reduce the risk of lung disease, but very few people do it,For most smokers, they simply add e-cigarettes and become dual users, significantly increasing their risk of developing lung disease above just smoking.” Glantz said in the news release.

Glantz and his team determined that their research supports to the argument that e-cigarettes are “making the tobacco epidemic worse.”

American Cancer Society has also published an article about Risks of E cigerattes.

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