Delhi gets its first smog tower


Delhi gets its first smog tower

India’s New Delhi opened its first smog tower today (3rd January 2020). This tower was built through a project which was launched to tackle its smog problem. The tower was inaugurated by the famous Indian cricketer Gautam Gautam Gambhir.

This giant 20ft tall air purifier is installed at south delhi Lajpat Nagar market. According to the experts involved in this project, the aim of building this tower is to reduce particulate matter in the air by 80%. 

Recently Delhi had a high toxic air quality. Air quality indexes named the city as “Severe” in their indexes.

Smog towers work as large scale air purifiers which contain multiple layers of air filters.

However the technology is inspired from China who already use two smog towers. One in the capital city Beijing and the other one in Xi’an city. This one in Xi’an city is the largest in the world.

The Delhi experiment is being headed by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in collaboration with IIT Delhi. The central pollution control board and the University of Minnesota are involved in the process. The University of Minnesota had earlier helped in the Xi’an project, too.

Some experts however are skeptical about its success. They say that no data has been published any where in the world to prove that these towers serve its purpose.

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