“Closest to Earth” black hole discovered

black hole

“Closest to Earth” black hole discovered

Scientists have discovered the black hole closest to the earth. Well, of course, this is the closest one until a more closer one is discovered. The team of astronomers who made the discovery is from Europe.

European Southern Observatory astronomer Thomas Rivinius who led the research. Dietrich Baade co-authored the research. The study is to be published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

This black hole is about 1000 light-years from earth. The previously known closest one is about 3 times distant than this (3200 light-years) in constellation Monoceros. The location of the newly discovered black hole is constellation Telescopium in the Southern Hemisphere. The researchers claim that there may be more of them out there, according to clues they got.

This black hole is part of a three-star system called HR6819. Anomalies in the orbit of one star in this system led the researchers to the discovery. The orbit of the innermost star is warped they say. The other two stars are far enough to avoid the effects of the black hole. When they look through the telescope, They discovered that something as 5 times the mass of our sun is pulling the star towards it. So they decided that it could only be work of a black hole. They say that its size is about 25 miles in diameter.

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