Beggar, but richer than most

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Beggar, but richer than most

Bharat Jain is a 49-year-old beggar who mostly begs in the Parel region Mumbai. What’s special about this beggar is that he’s probably richer than most of us none beggars.

One may beg when he/she has nothing to do for a living and are desperate. That may be what we know, but in some Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka, begging has evolved into a profession and business. Some people are professional beggars. They beg because the income is good, not because they have nothing else to do. There are even leaders for beggars who employe other beggars as employes. It may be hard for someone in need to beg without the permission of these leaders. Bharat is a professional beggar in India who has succeeded in his profession.

He owns two flats which are valued at 70 lakhs INR each. He rents a juice shop and earns 10000 as monthly rent. From begging only he earns approximately 60000 monthly. These are the only known sources of his income.

He’s probably the richest beggar in the world. Beggar but richer than most of you.

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