Seal pup, chased to the sea by children and drowned

Seal pup, chased to the sea by children and drowned

A seal pup which was unable to swim was chased to sea by children, and was drowned in Norfolk. Conversationalists have warned the public to leave the animals along.

Horsey, in Norfolk is a breeding ground for lots of endangered animals. Tourists gather to witness these animals. But their actions seem to be harmful to these animals.

The Seal colony struggled with litter in the past and now they are being chased to their deaths.

Friends of Horsey Seals, The group that looks after these seals angrily posted on Facebook. They posted

A VERY sad day for us today at Winterton beach. We lost two young healthy pups due to human intervention. The first pup (pictured) was literally surrounded by people in the dunes and the mum couldn’t get back it to, so abandoned it where it later died.

The second was a mum and healthy pup near the slope at the cafe. Two young children were allowed by their mother to chase the young unweaned, non waterproof pup into the water where it drowned.


Please keep your distance.

Please listen to the wardens.

The site is assessed every day and if the wardens ask you to walk on the high dunes this is for your safety and the safety and protection of the seals.

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