US doctors paste their smiling faces over PPE


US doctors paste their smiling faces over PPE

Coronavirus has made the health workers brave heroes on the frontline. These health workers include Doctors, Nurses, and other staff. They wear personal protective equipment for their own safety against the virus. So while in action (on duty), no one gets to see their faces or facial expressions. When it comes to patients being treated, they also don’t get to see the faces of those who are treating them. This may affect the mentality of patients. All they see is some masked human covering all the body interacting with them.

US doctors are now wearing their smiling photographs above their personal protective gowns. A respiratory therapist named Robertino (Instagram tag captain_wolf82) initiated this. He thought that masks don’t make people look friendly or even human in some cases. So he came up with a genius idea to overcome this and take his smile to the patients. So Robertino printed a nice picture of himself with a nice smile, laminated it, and stuck it on his PPE.

Image credits: captain_wolf82

Now many other doctors in the US and around the world are inspired by his move and do the same. Robertino shared a photo that he received from a fellow respiratory nurse called Derek. This photo indicates that Derek and two other colleagues doing the same.


In an Instagram post, Derek explained that he saw Robertino’s post and it inspired him. He says that when he saw this idea online, he felt that this is a great idea to bring ease to his patients during this stressful time. In this post, he also thanked all health workers in frontlines and those who stay at home.


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