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Tesla Acquires Maxwell

Super car manufacturer Tesla has acquired the battery maker Maxwell Technologies for over 200 million.

It seems Tesla and Maxwell had discussions for years about the opportunities between the two companies. However Tesla has been serious about the deal since 2018.

Earlier this week Tesla announced its final offer for Maxwell and the deal is now completed.

Tesla announced in a press release : “Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) today announced the successful completion of its previously announced offer to exchange all outstanding shares of common stock of Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (“Maxwell”) for 0.0193 of a share of Tesla common stock, together with cash in lieu of any fractional shares of Tesla common stock, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes.”

Maxwell has recently been discussing a dry electrode technology for batteries. This technology seems to have great potential in improving the performance of Li – Ion batteries. It’s this reason that motivated Tesla for the acquisition.

Rather than being involved in the battery manufacturing business, Tesla seems to have other intentions. They plan to integrate dry electrode technology into current Li-Ion batteries of Tesla vehicles. So the battery performance and efficiency of future Tesla vehicles will be improved from 15% to 50%.


Space X launches 60 more satellites to Starlink network

Elon Musks Space X network launched 60 more satellites to its Starlink network. With this 60 , the total satellites in orbit that belongs to Starlink will be 182. Which means, Starlink operates more commercial satellites in orbit than any other company now.

The latest went on a Falcon – 9 rocket which belongs to Space X. The satellites were put in orbit as part of a plan to provide  broadband internet globally through the satellites. The company has permission to launch 12000 satellites according to regulations. But Space X has requested permission for 40000 depending on how the project progresses.

Two more batches of 60 is to be launched before the end of this month.

But this is highly criticized by astronomers worldwide who claim that a large number of artificial objects block their view of the space.

However the Space X believes that the concerns are overstated. The company says that the Starlinks are bright shortly after launch but this is the result of the configuration the satellites adopt as they raise themselves up from an altitude of 290km to 550km. Once in the final orbit the objects should be barely visible. Said the company. They also provided astronomers each satellites coordinates to plan the observations without any obstruction. The latest batch of 60 also had an experimental coating to reduce the reflectivity.