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Star passing the earth could kick it out of solar system

Although it’s very unlikely, there may be a chance that stars passing earth could throw earth out of the solar system, says astrophysicist Paul Sutter on space.com.

This may cause our planet to wonder in the wastelands of the universe. All life forms may be erased immediately.

This risk of getting kicked out of the solar system because of the gravity of passing stars gravity is called the three-body problem. The movement of three bodies interacting by gravity is far more complicated than two bodies.

According to previous research, a star passing our solar system at the right angle with enough mass would have to “pass within the orbit of Jupiter to have a decent chance of knocking us from our orbit; otherwise, its gravitational influence is just too inconsequential,” notes Sutter.

Although it’s a scary thought, chances are very little according to Sutter.

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