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Is it OK to make phone calls while the phone is charging?

Most people say that it is dangerous to use your mobile phone while charging. Especially if you make phone calls while the phone is charging. Most people believe that the phone would explode if you use it while charging. This actually happened all around the world for a few people.

In 2013 a Chinese flight attendant’s iPhone 4 exploded when she used it while charging. The charger she used was a third party charger other than the original charger that shipped with the phone. This was the cause of the explosion.

So there is a risk of mobile phones exploding or heating if you use them while charging. But in such incidents where phones exploded during phone calls, a noticeable thing was that either the mobile phone charger was not the original or the phone parts such as the batteries were replaced with non-original parts.

So it seems to be very important that if you ever repair the mobile phone you should use original parts from the manufacturer. If you ever replace the charger please use a charger from the original manufacturer, or from a reputed charger manufacturer. And of course, the specifications of the charger should exactly match the mobile phones original charger.

If you note abnormal heat or any other abnormality on your mobile phone while using it, be careful to avoid injuries.