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Free Software Foundation demands that Windows 7 should be made open source

The Free Software Foundation has launched a petition demanding that Microsoft’s Windows 7 should be made open source.

On January 14th, Windows 7 reached its official “end-of-life,” bringing an end to its updates as well as its ten years of poisoning education, invading privacy, and threatening user security. The end of Windows 7’s life cycle gives Microsoft the perfect opportunity to undo past wrongs, and to up-cycle it instead.



We call on them to release it as free software, and give it to the community to study and improve. As there is already a precedent for releasing some core Windows utilities as free software, Microsoft has nothing to lose by liberating a version of their operating system that they themselves say has “reached its end.”

Says the petition.

It may seem like Microsoft has thrown away Windows 7 , so there’s no issue making it open source. But in fact Microsoft’s side of the story seems to be different. Windows 7 is in an End of Life status which means that the users won’t get free updates and security patches anymore. Not any kind of support is provided. It may seem like Microsoft has nothing to lose by making Windows 7 open source, but the real story is different.

First of all some organizations still can get paid extended support and updates for windows 7 till 2023. German government will be paying $886000 for a year of extended support for 33000 machines that run Windows 7 on their government agencies. Ireland health services agreed to pay $1.2 million for their 46000 pcs running Windows 7, for this year and they are likely to pay for 2021 also. But this is not the worst case it seems.

The worst scenario is that Microsoft’s currently used operating system Windows 10 is built on Windows 7. So by releasing the source code of Windows 7 , the source code of Windows 10 is also exposed for a significant level. So Microsoft is unlikely to release the source code of Windows 7 into GitHub or any other repository sooner.

However if you wish to sign the petition or check its status follow the below link.