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Cygnus cargo ship arrives at the International Space Station

A Cygnus cargo ship of Northrop Grumman company arrived at the ISS on 18th Feb. The uncrewed ship was captured by a robotic arm of the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan operated the robotic arm. Northrop Grumman launched Cygnus into space through a rocket on Saturday 15th from NASAS Wallops facility of Virginia.

Northrop Grumman named the spaceship “S.S. Robert H. Lawrence” after late Maj. Robert H. Lawrence, jr., who was the first Afro American ever selected to be an astronaut in 1967. He was selected to get in US Air Force’s Manned Orbiting Laboratory, a planned military space station. But unfortunately, Mr Lawrence died in a training accident. He never had the chance to get in space. But he remains a valuable symbol of progress regarding human space flights.

The cargo included 3400 KG of science experiments, Supplies and other vital gear for the stations three-person “Expedition 62” crew. The crew includes Andrew Morgon, Jessica Meir and Russian Astronaut Oleg Skripochka the commander of the mission.

The cargo included some novel science gear to the station including some experiments. Mochii, a small electron microscope is among them, which is the first-ever in space. This allows the astronauts to analyse various things right in space rather than sending back to earth and waiting for results. There is also some equipment to study bone loss in space and to test viruses which can target and destroy specific bacterias, so they can be used as cures for bacterial infections.

There are also some special treats for astronauts. These include fresh fruit, Candy and Cheese.