Elon Musks SpaceX to carry Coffee and Cannabis to space


Elon Musks SpaceX to carry Coffee and Cannabis to space

An American agrotech company is planning to send weeds and coffee to the space. This company named Front Range Bio Sciences plan to send them on a SpaceX cargo flight. The cargo flight is SpaceX CRS-20 cargo flight which is set for launch in March 2020.

The purpose is to observe how low gravity and space radiation affect the genetics of plant cell cultures. For this mission Front Range has teamed up with Space Cells and Bio Serve a tech startup research institute in the University of Colorado.

The cells will be on International Space Station for a month under observation from earth by the research institute. Then the cells will be transported back to earth.

Internatinoal Space Station

This is one of the first times anyone is researching the effects of micro gravity and spaceflight on hemp and coffee cell cultures.There is science to support the theory that plants in space experience mutations. This is an opportunity to see whether those mutations hold up once brought back to earth

Front Range CEO Dr Jonathan Vaught told.

Musk looks on at SpaceX Falcon 9 post-launch news conference in Cape Canaveral
SpaceX founder Elon Musk
Front Range Ceo Dr Jonathan Vaught
SpaceX rockets

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