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North Korea’s message to the US- Wait for a special “Christmas gift”

North Korea on Tuesday warned the US that it would receive a “Christmas gift”. Also, North Korea accused the US of delaying a response to North Korea’s cessation of intercontinental ballistic missile tests because of the 2020 election.
It also warned that if the US did not change its approach by the end of the year, then relations between the two countries may immediately come to an end.
Speaking at the NATO summit in London this Tuesday Trump said of Kim: “He definitely likes sending rockets up, doesn’t he? That’s why I call him rocket man.”
But we can see that is a cryptic and ominous warning for the US. But the nature of it will depend on the US action of making meaningful progress in talks this year.


Try Peaches and Banana for lunch

If you are looking for what to have for lunch, try peaches and banana. Not only will they fill you up, you will take in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and still not add appreciably to your weight. Not bad if you are like me, not so young and watching everything you eat.

Why not? After all, the body is not what it once was, the food-grinding machine of a sixteen-year-old – or a twenty-six-year-old, for that matter.

Cheeseburgers or Egusi/Melon soup with pounded yam are yummy food, but you don’t always need to eat them – unless, of course, you are lucky enough to be into manual labor.

But I am not so lucky, as I mostly do a sedentary job. Not that I don’t like my job, but I wish it came with some real physical activities – just enough to break a sweat and keep the weight perpetually off, but not so much as to tire the ankles, the knees, and the bones. I’ll be needing those when I hit age ninety, like my nonagenarian friend. Well, that is by the way.

For a start, peaches and bananas complement each other like water and cement. In combination, they will quench your hunger and satisfy your appetite.

If you are wondering where to get fresh peaches and bananas, stores like Big Y, Stop and Shop are my favorites. Locate a store close to you, where you can get easily get your supply of fresh peaches and bananas.

Until I began to write this article I never knew that peaches could refresh the body, the face, the appearance of the skin, and may even slow the aging process. You don’t need any more reasons to include peaches in your menu, do you?

One particular afternoon I was searching for what to eat for lunch in place of almond nuts. Normally I skip lunch because I think lunch is unimportant, especially if you are like me, with a sedentary lifestyle. I sit around all day, occasionally getting up to stretch a hand, but quickly sitting back down on a chair.

The point is that I don’t do much and therefore do not deserve much food. Some days, however, when I felt hungry (not without a sense of guilt), I would drive to a nearby store and buy a sachet or two of almond nuts. Immediately I got back to the car, my finger would rip open the small plastic bag and decant nuts, three or five at a time until I was done. After that, I would face the other pack and deal it a blow just like I did the first. Each bag was a walloping 130 calories, so together this little snack gave me 260 calories.

Most times my hunger would vanish, allowing me to continue through the day with my sedentary lifestyle of sitting on my stool, occasionally standing up if I have to stress a point when talking to parents and their children, doing the best I can to alleviate, even if only temporarily, their physical and sometimes their mental afflictions.

Don’t misunderstand me. There are times I will go from one consultation room to another, across the short hallway to the refrigerator to select a vaccine or stretch out a hand to rummage through the wall cabinets for a needle, syringe or gloves.

Nobody in their senses would call any of these activities anything but sedentary, for which a heavy load of food, such as pounded yam or Garri, or rice or goat meat or soup or French fries or hamburger or sandwiches, would be unnecessary. That is why I tried to keep my lunch very simple and limited to almond nuts.

So, that afternoon when I was searching for what to eat in place of almond nuts, my mind settled on banana and peaches. Well, it wasn’t that I never ate banana or peaches, but I never knew it could be such a good replacement for my two packs of almonds at about 260 calories. Somewhere in my brain, banana and peaches had been hiding in plain sight since I saw my son Jermane bite of a wedge of banana and my daughter Amy bite of a chunk of peaches.

“Is that all the peaches you bought?” I had asked Amy when I saw her eating a big peach. ”Yes, Dad, sorry,” she said.

The next day at lunchtime, instead of purchasing two packs of almonds at the corner store, I went to the ‘Stop and Shop’ food store and selected two ripe but firm peaches and a bunch of four ripe, firm bananas.

Back in my car I searched under the seats and found a half-full bottle of water with which I washed the peaches. I set one peach on a clean napkin on the front passenger seat and held the other one, reexamining it for dents and soft spots, which I dislike in fruits.

Satisfied, my teeth bit into it and took a chunk of juicy peach. What a delicious, refreshing, slightly tangy flavor! The velvety feel of the skin made me want to hold the fruit a little longer, but hunger was getting the better of me.

Peaches are nutritious, with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I don’t think they are given the respect they deserve among the fruit family.

Banana is a very popular and ubiquitous fruit, so there is no need to discuss it in any detail, only to say that I take time to choose my banana since I want it exactly the right way, not overripe or under-ripe, just ripe, and strong and easy to peel from the top, not squishy. Like peaches, bananas contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

As usual, the banana did not disappoint, and I ate two of the four. Soon after my hunger went away I began to suffer from post-gluttony despair.

Perhaps I have overindulged in food, sweet food which I still remember my grandmother warning me against when I was a young boy. I had run away to stay with her in my village at Akokwa because I wanted to escape the scrutiny of my parents. My mother, in particular, would come so often to my room to check on me and ask, “Are you okay, my son?” even though all she wanted to know was who I was hanging with. Grandmother never bothered with any of that; she would bring some bitter leaf soup with dry fish to me, her eighteen-year-old grandson: bitter leaf soup, cooked with dry fish.

Oh, I miss Grandma. Forgive me where I have digressed, but I thought you should understand the kind of person I am – at least a little bit of what I was as a child.

Forced by the kind of person I have become, I added up the calories and the cost of two peaches and two bananas. A peach, the size I ate, was about 70 calories, two of them, 140 calories. Say a humongous banana contains 150 calories, two would contain 300 calories. Together, two large peaches and two humongous bananas add up to about 440 calories; not so expensive either – all for the price of just $2.00.

Peaches and bananas fill the stomach better than two small packs of almond nuts. Next time you are wondering what to eat for lunch, try two peaches and two bananas. I promise you will enjoy them. If you are a weight watcher, don’t feel guilty; you will have had a healthy meal and only consumed about 500 calories.


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The blooming of Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday assured that criminal cases against Dalit activists in connection with the violence at Bhima-Koregaon on January 2 and 3, 2018, would be withdrawn as early as possible.

Uddhav Thackeray is the youngest of Balasaheb Thackeray’s three sons. He was a wildlife photographer when the Shiv Sena-BJP government came to power for the first time in 1995. Thackeray’s interest in politics, began in 1999 when the Sena-BJP lost to the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party combine. He was appointed the executive president of the party in 2003.

he is normally shy and soft-spoken but had very clear ideas. He was keen on rebuilding the Sena as a party that believed in inclusive development.
Thackeray launched a campaign called Mee Mumbaikar’ in 2003.The campaign aimed at including people of all religions and regions in the development of Mumbai.
He is the Central Minister of  Maharashtra now and assured a delegation of NCP leaders for criminal cases filed against Dalit activists in connection with the violence at Bhima-Koregaon on January 2 and 3, 2018.

After taking over as CM on November 28, this year to immediately withdraw criminal cases filed against activists booked for protesting. Those protests were on against cutting trees on Aarey colony, and against the Nanar refinery in the Konkan.


Meaning of “Merry Christmas”

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word “merry” as full of gaiety and high spirits.

Unfortunately, that does not describe everyone’s experience on any day of the year, let alone at Christmas. There are many during the holiday season who are lonely, sad, or sick. Some face circumstances that involve abuse, addiction or poverty. Many think about unfulfilled wishes or broken promises both given and received. Merry does not describe their situation.

The word Christmas usually is referred to as a Christian feast that commemorates the birth of Christ and is honoured as a legal holiday. Not everyone, however, is Christian, or has a celebration on December 25th. For some there isn’t a feast or even a change compared to every other day of the year.

So, when it comes to the greeting “Merry Christmas” we may find that it is not appropriate, falls on deaf ears or is not well-received.

Even the expression “Happy Holidays” doesn’t seem to fit the bill in all cases. Not everyone is happy before December 25th and many maintain that mood throughout and even after it passes. The idea of having a holiday might not apply as many people do not have time off from work and most don’t even go away from home. There is no holiday. In fact, December 25th can be a day that involves stress, relationship problems, and lack rather than plenty.

So, how can we greet others and wish them well in December in a meaningful way?

I like the word “peace” and when I think about it, my thoughts go to freedom from chaos, conflict and stress. “Contentment” is a state of being satisfied no matter what the circumstances. “Love” can come from many sources and, when genuine, warms our hearts. Therefore, the best greeting, I believe, that we could express would involve the words peace, love, and contentment.

If I could wish you anything, to help you through each day

If I could give you anything, to hold along the way

If I could hope for anything, I’d pray that you’ll have peace

And that you’d feel contentment and love that will not cease.

May peace, contentment, and love be present in your life each and every day!

And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to a complimentary list of 10 Steps to Making Your Life an Adventure when you visit

From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker



How to Find Perfect Family Matching Shirts

Nowadays everyone wants to click a picture with their family and match family shirts pictures are currently trending. Today we are going to help you find the best family matching shirts.

When it comes to family occasions or family tripe one thing is common that everyone wants to do, Is to wear the same family shirts for pictures. As everyone wants’ to capture the happy moment with their family it is important to wear family matching shirts because when you are going out with your family it gives you an amazing look and shows your bonding with family. But as this is an interesting thing to do you need to choose matching family cloths and this is hard but there are some useful tips that can help you in finding our perfect shirts.

How to Choose Family Photo Outfit

Choose the Color Not Outfit

This is one of the most important parts that many families start discussing family outfit type but it did not matter that much yes interesting outfit is important but make sure that outfit is comfortable for all. One thing you can do it to ignore the outfit style and see what the color is. Because matching shirts looks great when the color of the shirt is good so choose only two colors in the shirts so it will look much batter and eye-pleasing. Ask your grandparents and mom dad about the shirts and you will have a good idea of what everyone wants.

Follow the Theme

If you are looking for an amazing family matching shirt photo the best method is to wear matching clothes with the shirt. Many families wear the same shirts but forget about the shoes and jeans because when you look down everyone is wearing something different which is not good for matching the family shirt photo. So do remember to wear something that matches with cloths.

Make Sure Dress Matches with Background

Every photo background plays a big part in making the photo more interesting and fun. And if you are deciding to take a photo outside your home then it is important that greenery or the places should match with your shirts. While choosing any family shirts do remember where are you going where will you click photo because choose a dress that matches with your background is important like is you are going on beach so this is important to be stylish matching family swimsuitsFree Web Content, or if you are going on vacation with family to meet your grandparents then it is important that your dress is suited for that occasion because wearing something too odd can interrupt the photo and the photo you are looking for you will never able to get. So this is important to keep in mind where are you going so this why you will easily able to choose what to wear on that occasion or at that family party.


I hope these tips will help you get a better idea about how to find family matching shirts. Doing Google searches and finding shirts in-store is a common idea that everyone does. But if you remember these points while searching shirts in Google or find shirts in store you might have batter changes of gating best family matching shirts.

Hi, my name is Vishal Bhatt and I am a health and family tips blogger. Currently, I am working in Mom News Daily as a blogger where we give health and pregnancy-related tips to mom and some important daily health care tips.


Keto Diet Plan for Beginners – Don’t waste your time making a diet plan we ‘ll make the best diet plan for you every day

Now you know how much is it important to maintain the diet for good health. The ketogenic diet is a special diet that helps the body to burn off fat rapidly. This diet method is very popular among people all around the world as a low carb high-fat diet. So if you are wondering how to make a meal plan here we are publishing a keto diet plan for every week. Let’s get started.


You can start on Monday with classic bacon and eggs. Fry the bacon in medium-high heat until crispy. Use rendered fat in the pan and cook the eggs any way you like them over medium heat. For sunny side up leave the eggs to fry on one side and cover the pan with a lid. season with salt and pepper according to the taste.

You can make tuna salad with boiled eggs for lunch. Take a bowl and put tuna, lemon, mayonnaise, and mustard with finely Chopped celery and scallions. Stir to combine and season with salt and pepper and put chines chilly oil according to your flavor. Boil the eggs for 5-6 minutes (soft-medium) or 8-10 minutes (hardboiled). Place tuna mix and eggs on a bed of romaine lettuce. Add tomatoes with drizzled olive oil and season this with salt and pepper according to the taste.

Finish the day with a keto Caesar salad. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Make the dressing by mixing ½ cup mayonnaise,1 tbsp Dijon mustard, ½ lemon, zest, and juice, ½ oz. grated parmesan cheese,2 tbsp finely chopped filets of anchovies,1 garlic clove, pressed or finely chopped and salt and pepper with whisk or an immersion blender. Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper and drizzle olive oil or melted butter on top. Bake the chicken in the oven for about 20 min or until fully cooked through in a greased baking dish. Chop lettuce and place as a base on two plates and Place sliced chicken and fried crispy bacon. Put the dressing on the top and enjoy the meal

See you soon with the next keto diet plan

Indian Navy welcomes first woman pilot

Who is Shivangi

Sub Lieutenant Shivangi will join Naval operations on December 2.Shivangi (24) born in Muz

affarpur in Indias eastern Bihar state. She completed her mechanical engineering degree at the Sikkim Manipal University of Technology and went to Malaviya National Institute of Technology in Jaipur for further studies.

What is her journey?

She was inspired to be a pilot after seen a helicopter pilot at her village at age 10 and more excited after the visit of forces to her collage. Then she dropped out of college and completed her basic training in 2018 at the Indian Naval Academy. She was inducted into the Indian Navy as SSC (Pilot) as part of the 27 NOC course in Indian Naval Academy. (Until 1992 India’s naval forces only permitted women to serve in medical services.)

She further explained in her speech that  “It’s a big responsibility for all of us and I know that I have to do well.” and “It’s a very big thing,”.Also, she said that “You know every time somebody is doing something for the first time there is a lot of pressure, there is a lot of expectation so obviously the pressure will be there,” she said.So this will be a milestone for India and there will be a good future ahead


London Bridge attacker had been convicted of terror offence

The man who carried out Friday’s stabbing attack at London Bridge was a former prisoner convicted of terrorism offences, according to the BBC.

The attacker, named by police as 28-year-old Usman Khan, was out of prison on licence at the time of the attack, in which a man and a woman were killed and three others were injured.

Khan was shot dead by officers after members of the public restrained him.

Police declared the attack a terrorist incident.

Khan was known to the authorities, having been convicted for terrorism offences in 2012, according to Met Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

“He was released from prison in December 2018 on licence and clearly, a key line of enquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack,” he said in a statement.

The Times reported that Khan’s release from prison last year came after he agreed to wear an electronic tag and have his movements monitored.

Officers are carrying out searches at an address in Staffordshire, where Khan had been living.


Trump is visiting Afghanistan on Thanksgiving – First time in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to US troops in Afghanistan. This is his first time in the country for the Thanksgiving holiday.

He visited Bagram Airfield and served turkey to soldiers. Then he met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.
In his speech to troops, he said that the US is arranging talks with the Taliban by saying  “wants to make a deal”.
Mr. Trump also said the US was substantially reducing troop numbers this year. Because around13,000 US troops remain in Afghanistan for 18 years. They were there since the September 2001 attacks.
This trip was arranged secretly for security reasons. He was very excited to visit troops as he said, “There is nowhere I’d rather celebrate this Thanksgiving than right here. With the toughest, strongest, best and bravest warriors on the face of the earth”.
Also, he sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them before posing for photos.


But this visit is not a sign of his interest in the region but, he was there for his soldiers. This war is h

olding the title of “America’s longest war”. According to the commander-in-chiefs states he wants his troops home and not trapped in seemingly endless conflicts like the one in Afghanistan.

Toddler Laughing & Having Fun

Outdoor Hobbies to Share With Your Children

In an age where your children are almost more interested in what’s happening on their phones than what’s going on around them, it may be difficult to share time together and connect. Rather than surrender to their interests and accept the distance between you, find activities that will encourage them to be present and build happy memories with the family

In an age where your children are almost more interested in what’s happening on their phones than what’s going on around them, it may be difficult to share time together and connect. Rather than surrender to their interests and accept the distance between you, find activities that will encourage them to be present and build happy memories with the family.

Heading to the mountains, beach or a local scenic spot to hike with your children can help you relax, get in shape and bond with your kids at the same time. Start with short treks that feature several sights to keep the youngsters interested. If they seem to get bored at first, put them in charge of taking photos or tracking the number of steps on a pedometer. Ensure you stay comfortable and safe by wearing layered clothing, taking the kids rain boots and umbrellas in the event of bad weather and bringing plenty of water and snacks.

Take your children on a treasure hunt in the real world by geocaching together. Using a GPS device, you’ll be able to head to locations in your community and beyond to find containers filled with small items for people to discover. Some may simply include notebooks for people to sign to signify their conquest. Bond by allowing your kids to choose the next location to explore, discussing what you hope to find and later talking about how they felt about the discovery. If the children enjoy the hobby, you can also hide and register your own geocache for others to find.

Long Distance Running
Work together toward a common goal by aiming to run a long-distance race with your children. Create a schedule to condition yourselves to participate in a local 5k. Community events feature participants of all skill levels, so even families who walk the entire way can enjoy the experience. Children over 12 who have become accustomed to traveling the shorter runs can later consider joining a half marathon, for instance. As you increase the distance, however, ensure you all have the proper shoes, form, fitness level and hydration to prevent injuries.

Backyard Campout
If you don’t have the time to commit to a weekend in the mountains or desert, consider organizing a camping trip in your own backyard. Purchase a fire pit where you can safely build a bonfire and roast marshmallows to make s’ mores, tell spooky stories and have a sing-along. Build a tent big enough to sleep in and even have the provisions, tools and utensils on hand to make breakfast outside the next morning. While you’re trying to fall asleep, share stories about your childhood and compare what was important, stressful and trendy then versus now.

Scavenger Hunts
Bond with your children and the entire neighborhood by organizing a scavenger hunt with the families in the area. Schedule an hour or two on a cool afternoon or warm evening when everyone can plan to be available since one adult will need to remain home during the event. Choose one house as a starting point and give each team consisting of a parent and their children a list of items to discover. Then tell the groups to run off in different directions, going door to door in search of the trinkets, such as paper clips, a purple pen, a sugar packet, a can of soup or a plastic calculator, for example. Set a time limit and offer prizes to the teams that return with the most items from their list. Make the outdoor competition a regular event and consider hosting an ice cream or hot chocolate party after the games are done.

Spending time outdoors with your children participating in active pursuits can do more than help you bond. You may also find your physical fitness, ability to get a good night’s sleep and sense of relaxation increased in the process. Your kids may also be having so much fun free Reprint Articles, they won’t realize that they aren’t checking their phones as much as they used to.


Kevin Devoto is an avid outdoor enthusiast and freelance writer. He enjoys writing about sustainability, eco-friendly behaviors and local travel. He has traveled all over the world but has taken a particular interest in our great National Parks.



Best Dog Food for Your Labrador Tips

The problem with picking the best dog food for a Labrador is that there are colossal measures of different pooch food check options open accessible today. As pooch proprietors, we quickly get perplexed: which one to pick? There are supports for puppies of specific breeds, for puppies with particular afflictions and predestined inherited issues, for puppies who are to work canines that require specific sustenance, puppy sustenance with no grains and high protein, puppy nourishments with low protein and tremendous measures of grains, hypoallergenic pooch nourishment… the once-over proceeds perpetually.

Dry Or Wet Dog Food?

Various people battle about whether dry hard kibble or fragile canned wet pooch support is better for energetic puppies. Fortunately, vets have added to this and more information is open on the web; the suitable reaction is that dry canine sustenance is the best puppy support you can buy.

Dry puppy sustenance can empower your canine to keep up strong and sound teeth, in spite of the way that various puppies slant toward wet pooch foods. Regardless, for the foremost year, endeavor to give your little one dry nourishments rather than canned/wet choices. At the point when his teeth are solid, you can do the switch in the event that you wish, or mix it up.

How Does Your Puppy Like It?

While endeavoring another puppy foods, it will take the energetic pooch not as much as several days (once in a while weeks) to get changed as per it. It’s a keen idea to keep an eye out for him to guarantee that he inclines toward it.

In case your puppy doesn’t seem to take the seizing the risk to the quintessence of particular pooch support compose or stamp, he won’t eat enough and could twist up not getting enough sustenance because of it. Give it some time, and if the illustration continues with, it may be the perfect open door for a switch.

Ordinarily, a portion of the time mutts might just endeavor to be plain aggravating, so guarantee you give the “test arrange” enough time. Most veterinarians agree that changing puppy’s sustenance and displaying new brands is a direct strategy and it requires speculation, so be understanding. If following 1 to 2 weeks your canine is so far hesitant to eat the support you give, get something exceptional.

Screen Your Dog’s Health

When you energize your puppy a not too bad eating schedule, chances are that you’ll have the ability to tell from his general prosperity and activity. With most breeds, puppies ought to be extraordinarily unique and bold; if there’s a nonattendance of vitality, there may be something erroneously. It could be sustenance, yet it in like manner could be other therapeutic issues.

A comment out for puppies should have clear eyes and sensitive, sound and reflexive conceal; the nose must be wet. In case your puppy doesn’t look well after you have changed beginning with one canine support stamp then onto the following, you won’t have picked the best puppy sustenance for your pet. It’s an incredible chance to make the change.

Before you do, in any case, I propose calling your vet, or shockingly better, visit them. Your canine support doesn’t generally should be the issue here, so you need to block other potential restorative issues. You can start with online canine prosperity indication checkers which one give a fair indication of where to start hunting down issues.

Do Your Own Research

You ought to ask about everything regardless of canine care, including sustenance and specific puppy supports that are best for my pets. This is the way by which I definitely got into clarifying pooches since I picked up this information to confer to various proprietors.

There are unlimited wellsprings of wonderful information available online about the diverse sorts of best dog foods and how to find them, why they’re fit for your pooch, and why it has any kind of effect. So do your investigation. Just on this site alone, you can find an enormous measure of the information from masters who contribute and give some accommodating direction and critical insights.

Find more about the fixings in puppy nourishments that you buy, how they impact your pet and which ones you should avoid or fuse. Sweep for kibble that will outfit your puppy with the food that he needs to avoid skeletal and bone restorative issues as he creates, which is to a great degree fundamental among canines with disgraceful sustenance.

Demand Tips From Your Veterinarian

The most ideal approach to start is by curious your veterinarian rather than relying upon some different resources. If your puppy has a specific dietary needs, your veterinarian will give you the best guidance on what your specific canine needs.

After you’ve grasped your puppy, you should take him to the vet. That is a perfect chance to get some data about how to watch over this pup; nonetheless, what to support him as well. If it’s all the same to you take quickly about pooch sustenance and likewise get some information about specific canine support brands which your vet proposes, and ask with respect to why.

In case you’ve formally missed your shot, you can explore the above once-over of vet recommended canine support. Regardless, at whatever point that you take your pooch to the vet for an enlistment, think about moving toward your veterinarian for a couple of pointers on the right support and puppy sustenance. Get some data about the fixings, timing, and whatever else that issues.

There’s no one romanticize canine food for every puppy. All canines are one of a kind, which is the reason you need to find a pooch sustenance check that works for your own pet.


Labrador puppies look lovable and almost anyone would love to have them around. When you have these enchanting pets with you, venerating them isn’t adequate. You moreover need to guarantee that your puppies are eating suitably. There’s absolutely a huge amount of canine foods to investigate out there, yet it can be overwhelming to know which one will be the best choice for your pooch especially. This post has said a portion of those tips; nonetheless, remember that finding the right pooch sustenance isn’t a one-time thing. It’s something you’ll do numerous conditions all through your Lab pup’s life. To entirety up, we seek this post supportive after you to pick the best dog food for your Labrador. Thank you for reading!


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Sorry, Angeles !! Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Officially Cancelled in 2019 – Did Kardashians took over the show

 The chief financial officer and executive vice president of L Brands confirmed cancellation of the show during a conference this month. Today’s development of the world-famous lingerie brand came into a difficult level. Because sales have steadily declined over the past three years as consumers turn to more outwardly inclusive brands like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty, Aerie and ThirdLove. Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik told The Daily Telegraph that “I’m sure they’re trying to work on branding and new ways to do the show because it’s the best show in the world.” So we can think that the show will be back with more improvements.
What is the real reason behind this?
During the past few years, the stigma about women’s body image had drastically changed. The Kardashians lool took over the decade and the common Victoria secrets models body type criticized over the years. Many of the people blame the show that they are creating a stereotype for the body. So these opinions of the people affected the brand.

Because of these reasons, there are rumors that show will back in next year with new models with new body types with new styles for different body types.


Prime Minister Rajapaksa Says New Laws Would Be Introduced To Protect State Officials From Prosecution

(Sri  Lanka) – Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said new laws would be introduced to protect government servants from prosecution over duties carried out in official capacity.

Assuming duties as the Ministry of Finance, Rajapaksa said new laws were needed to protect senior state officials.

Several senior state officials who worked closely with the Rajapaksa administration before 2015 faced a surfeit of legal action over alleged corruption.

Lalith Weeratunga, Nalaka Godahewa, and Gamini Senerath were among senior officials who were prosecuted for their actions under the previous government.


How to Have a perfect mind and a perfect life

When man’s mind is made perfect, then — and then only — will the body be able perfectly to express itself.

Charles F. Haanel wrote that. And he was right.

Because it all — everything — begins with your mind.


How do you get a perfect mind?

You learn.


How do you learn?

While we learn from experience and teachers, the best way is…

… to read.

Read books. Great books. The best books.

Because you will become what you read.

So find incredible books to read. Continuously feed your mind. Reading is a source of…

… inspiration…

… ideas…

… knowledge…

… entertainment…

… and information.

Don’t get caught up in reading things that do not feed your mind properly. If you whittle away your time by reading slop, then you run the risk of ruining your best and only tool that you have.

That is not to say that you should neglect your entertainment, but let’s face facts, some people only tend to their entertainment wants to the exclusion of everything else. Likewise, while it is fine and well to be informed about current events, there comes a point when getting information (reading newspapers and news blogs) is akin to gossiping. Know the difference.

As a guide for you, here is how you can model your reading habits for peak effect.

Self-Help/Inspiration – 35%

Education/Knowledge – 30%

Newspapers/Information – 15%

Entertainment – 20%

Read books from which you can become educated and inspired.

Biographies and autobiographies will introduce you to people and lives that will inform and inspire. You will see the world in a different way with each person you meet.

When you read history, you will discover that more often than not, truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

And there is so much more…

If you own a business, then read books about, for example, tax methods or marketing.

Are you a writer? Then it would do you well to read books on style.

Brush up your math skills.

What is the nature of quantum reality?

You live in a world where information flows like water. Knowledge pours into your life from every corner. You have…

… libraries…

… the Internet…

… your sundry devices.

Fill your glass with what you desire to learn and know.

As you think, thus you will do.

The brain leads and the body follows.

That should be ingrained into your psyche.

Put it into operation for yourself.

Begin by reading great books.

Anthony R. Michalski/Master Key Coaching

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