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US government set up three digit hotline for suicidals

US Federal Government is going to introduce a new hotline. This is a three digit hotline which people can use when they feel suicidal. People would be able to dial 988 to speak with a counselor just as dialing 911 for emergencies.

The current line for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-TALK (8255). This number received more than 2 million calls last year. The callers were directed to more than 100 crisis centers through this number. But long numbers are hard to remember. So it consumes more time to contact in an emergency. The three digit number is beneficial because its much easier to remember, And also can be dialed more quickly in a serious situation.

The process is still in progress and will take months to finalize, but the good news is that the first steps have been taken.

In the state of Ohio and many other states suicides have become a leading cause of deaths. In Ohio along it has been the 11th leading cause of death for all ages.In Ohio suicides by preteens aged 10 to 14 have increased by 56% between 2007 to 2018. For the others between 15 to 34 it has been the second leading cause of death.
Source – Report on state suicide rates

In this situation the Federal Communications Commission says that a simple and shorter hotline number could be a game changer.

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Apple has its own cloth to clean the Pro Display XDR

Apples Pro Display XDR costs $5000 along and the stand costs $1000. But Apple says that you can use only the provided cloth to clean the pro display XDR, Since the display has high end nano texture glass.

However it’s not clear what to do if you lose this included cloth or after the clothes usable life period. So if a customer lose the cloth they have to call Apple and let them send a new one for a cost. The expected cost of a cloth is about $100.

There are very strict rules on how to clean this cloth too. Apple says you should use dish soap and water, Then rinse and dry for 24 hours.

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lose weight

How to lose weight? – Fastest way to lose weight

lose weight

If you are here now most probably you are one of the majority searching for an option to lose your weight. So you may have experienced that most of these methods are making you hungry and unsatisfied. This makes you give up on these plans so quickly.

You don’t have to suffer yourself on complicated lose weight plans. Because this weight loss method is very easy and it will make you lose weight quickly without being hungry.

How to lose weight fast?

First of all, you need to cut carbohydrates (sugars and starch). Then the body will start to feed on stored fat instead of carbohydrate. Also, it reduces the insulin level and this is affecting the ion balance and cause to reduce water weight.

You can add protein fat and vegetables more to your diet. And this is lowering your hunger level. Also, you can make a plan at least to exercise 3 times per week. You simply have to do a warm-up and lift some weight.

Apart from that, you can control the portion and calories. Keep counting of all the things will improve the process.

Easy Tips to Lose weight Fast

  • Make a high protein meal for breakfast
  • Use unprocessed foods and avoid sugary drinks
  • Drink water a half hour early
  • Eat your food slowly
  • Weigh every day and take a good night sleep
NASA Mars ice map

NASA finds water ice on Mars

When it comes to space exploration, one important factor is the discovery of water. This is because space travelers can use water to drink and to create rocket fuel. To help the discovery of water on Mars, NASA has released a map of potential ice locations of the planet.

According to the map researchers created, In some places, the ice is as little as 2.5 centimeters below the surface. Such ice is easily accessible to future visitors. Cool colors represent ice closer to the surface, while warm colors are ice deeper down.

“You wouldn’t need a backhoe to dig up this ice. You could use a shovel,We’re continuing to collect data on buried ice on Mars, zeroing in on the best places for astronauts to land.”Sylvain Piqueux of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a blog post.

Photomicrograph by Opportunity showing a gray hematite concretion, nicknamed “blueberries”, indicative of the past existence of liquid water

Water is very heavy to transport in space rockets. So it’s very important to have water there when considering manned space missions to the planet. This could also help to identify ideal sites for projects like SpaceX’s planned Mars base.

Most water on the surface evaporates quickly because the planets atmosphere is very thin. So the scientists believe that their best chance of finding water ice in the planet is bellow the surface. They claim that there may even be liquid water beneath the ice caps.

Source : NASA

Person of the year 2019

Greta Thunberg named by Time Magazine as the person of the year 2019

Greta Thunberg the Swedish environmental activist has become the Time Magazines person of the year for 2019. Ms Thunberg Who’s only 16 years old is the youngest to get this title since the tradition started in 1927.

Well known for her blunt and straightforward speaking manner  Thunberg first became known for her activism in August 2018 when, at age 15, she began spending her Fridays outside the Swedish parliament to call for stronger action on global warming by holding up a sign saying (in Swedish) “School strike for the climate”.  Soon other students also engaged in similar protests in their own communities.

protesting in front of swedish parliment

Greta Thunberg protesting at the age of 15


Students inspired by Thunberg


This sparked a worldwide movement called #FridaysForFuture. Since then she has inspired millions of students around the world to protest of protecting the environment.

She has also been Nominated to the Nobel Peace Price earlier this year. At the UN Climate Conference in New York this year she blasted politicians for relying on young people to find solutions for the climate changes.

You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We’ll be watching you.

is what she told.

However not everyone well receives her message. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro called her a “brat”. President Donald Trump had odds with her after rolling back many US climate laws. Russian president Vladmir Putin called her “kind but poorly informed teenager”.

windows mobile device

Microsofts Windows 10 mobile OS is finally dead

As we all know, Microsofts windows 10 mobile platform has been inactive for years now. Even Microsoft advised people that they should switch either to an Iphone or an Android. Yesterday Microsoft officially ended its support to the mobile platform and the life cycle has ended.

However the platforms office packages will receive updates till Jan 12,2021. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and One Note.


BMW will finally support android phones in 2020

Automobile manufacturing giant BMW seem to have realized that each and every one of their users does not own an I phone. The car maker is finally introducing Android Auto in to its automobiles from July 2020. This will be first limited to a few models of Samsung and Google phones.

However it’s said that older vehicles won’t get this upgrade. The Android support will be provided to all vehicles running on BMW i Drive 7.0. This includes series 3,5,7 and 8 series sedans and X3,X5 and X7 SUVs.

i Drive 7.0 OS

Steve Sasson with the invented camera

Its Not About Innovation. Kodak’s Downfall Story.

A kodak advertisement in the early days

Kodak’s core business was selling films for cameras. Kodak was founded in the late 1880s and became the giant in photography industry in 1970. For almost hundred years Kodak was the leader in photography industry with many innovations and inventions. Nevertheless the company filed for a bankruptcy protection in 2012.

It’s very interesting to study what caused such a tech giant in to such a situation.

Kodak’s Timeline

1889 —Eastman Kodak Company was founded by George Eastman and the first Kodak camera introduced.

This camera was a huge success

1935 —Introduction of the Kodachrome

These are the first successful color materials which was used for both cinema and still photos.

1962 —Sales increased to 1 billion USD.

1963 —Introduction of the Instamatic camera

These cameras enabled the ameteurs to get involved in the industry. 50 million Instamatic cameras were sold within first seven years.

1966 — Sales surpassed $2 billion.

1972 — Worldwide sales passed $3 billion.

1975 —Invention of the digital camera

The first digital camera of the world invented by Steve Sasson, an engineer at Kodak.

1976 —High market shares

Their market shares were so high. Kodak practically pushed their competitors off market.
Cameras: 85% market share, Film: 90% market share

1981 — Sales top $10 billion.

The late 1980s —Rise of digital photography

As a result the sales of analogue cameras began to decrease.

1984 — Customers switched from Kodak to Fuji because the Japanese colour film was 20% cheaper than Kodak’s.

1991- Kodak’s first digital camera.

1991–2011- Kodak released various digital products, but sales kept falling.

2012 — Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

Why was Kodak successful earlier?

You press the button. We do the rest – George Eastman

kodak filmKodak made photography available to everyone as George Eastman believed. What made the company a success is the business model.They offered customers cameras at a very low price. This increased their other business the developing and selling of the camera films.This is how Kodak made profit. People who bought cameras had to buy film and development through Kodak.


What happened then?

Simplest explanation is that Kodak was blinded by their current business and failed to recognize new business opportunities in an other area. The Digital photography. Kodak never imagined that their current industry of business will be overrun by the Digital Photography in future.

Missed opportunity – Kills their own invention

Steve Sasson an engineer who worked for Kodak invented the first digital camera in 1975 at Kodak’s R&D Labs. Nevertheless instead of embracing this invention and developing it, Kodak’s top management and executives feared that this invented device would kill their current running business.
Steve Sasson
Steve Sasson
Steve Sasson with the invented camera
Steve Sasson with the first digital camera he invented

According to what Steve Sasson says bellow was the response from the management to his invention.

Thats cute. But don't tell anyone about it.
Was the managements response to the invention

This way Kodak failed to invest and embrace the new technology they have invented. They killed their own invention.

But others like Sony kept on researching in the Digital Photography. As a result Sony released their first digital camera to the market. Sony Mavica. This had a magnetic floppy disc to record images.

In 1984 the Kodak’s business hugely dropped because most of the customers switched to Japanese film manufacturer Fuji because their film was 20% cheaper then Kodak.

In 1991 Kodak realized that they can no longer survive in the industry of photo films. So they began investing in Digital Cameras. But this was not enough then to survive. They could not compete with the other companies such as Sony and Canon who had got stabled in digital photography by then.

So unluckily in 2012 Kodak had to file for bankruptcy.

In general Kodak failed because it didn’t focus on “what business are we in?”. Instead they focused on “what products do we sell?” and how to increase product sales.


Why do aircrafts have lights?

How many of you have noticed that the aircraft’s have several lights mounted on the body externally and almost every aircraft in the world has the same set of lights in the same pattern?

Navigation Lights

Navigation lights are mounted on the leading edge of each wingtip. The left wingtip has a red light mounted and the right wingtip has a green light mounted. The tail has a white navigation light.

The purpose of these navigation lights are to alert the pilots of other aircraft’s, about the direction in which the aircraft is traveling.

For example if a pilot sees a green light and a white light he notices that an aircraft is traveling from left to right in front of him.If he sees a red light and a white light he notices that an aircraft is traveling from right to left in front of him. If he sees a green light and a red light he notices that an aircraft is approaching towards him. If he sees a white light he notices that an aircraft is going in the same direction as him.

Image Source – AeroGuard Flight Training Center

Rotating Red Beam Lights

These lights are located on the upper and lower parts of the fuselage.Purpose of these lights are to warn the ground crew and other aircraft’s that the engines are about to start.So the ground crew would know its not safe to remain close to the aircraft at this time.

Taxi Lights and Landing Lights

Both of these lights serve somewhat similar purposes.

Taxi Lights

This light is located near the landing gear of most planes (on the landing gear struts). This is useful to improve pilots visibility when the plane is moving on the ground for purposes like taxing and takeoff (somewhat similar to the purpose of a vehicles headlamps).

Landing Lights

These lights are useful to improve the visibility during the landing approach.In some poorly lit airports these lights are used to illuminate the runway also. These lights are located on the wings closer to the fuselage.

Image Source – aerosavy

White Strobe Lights

These lights are fitted at the wing tips behind the navigation lights. These lights are used to attract attention during flight. These flashy white lights also signal that an aircraft is approaching an active runway.You may have seen these lights from ground when an aircraft is flying. These are considered the brightest lights on an aircraft exterior.


Noida double murder case (Talwar)

Aarushi Talwar murder case which is also known as the Noida double murders is an unsolved mystery up to today. It’s known to be the India’s biggest murder mystery in modern times.

Aarushi was 13 years old during the time of the incident. She lived in an apartment in Noida India. Her parents were well known and reputed Dentists in the society (Rajesh and Nupur Talwar).

Due to the parents busy lifestyle Aarushi was mostly left alone in the house with their servant and driver Hemraj Bandaje. Hemraj was the one who drove Aarushi to and from school.

Hemraj Bandaje

Discovery of the Aarushi’s murder

One version of the story says that the housemaid Arathi arrived on the morning of 16th May. When she arrived in the morning the front door was locked. When she rang the door bell a key was thrown to her from upstairs by Nupur the mother. When she opened the door herself and arrived near Aarushi’s room after climbing the stairs both parents were standing near her room and shouted “look what Hemraj has done. Find him “. Aarushi was lying dead in bed with her throat slit.

The other version of the story says that the housemaid arrived in the morning and went in to Aarushis room, and was shocked to discover Aarushi murdered in bead with her throat slit.

At this time Hemraj the servant was missing unusually. So all the suspicion directed towards Hemraj. Assumptions were made that Hemraj raped,murdered Aarushi and ran away.

But the story takes a dramatic turn when Hemraj’s body was discovered on the terrace of the house on 17th May. This proved that Hemraj is not the murderer. The body was partially decomposed and the police failed to secure the crime scene. Lot of people gathered in the house to witness the crime scene affecting evidences on the location.

The terrace where Hemrajs body was discovered.Police failed to secure the crime scene.Lot of outsiders gathered to witness the murders.

So the suspicion directed towards Rajesh and Nupur the parents. Assumptions were made by the police that Rajesh caught Hemraj and Aarushi behaving in an inappropriate way and Rajesh was outraged. It was said that he killed both of them using a gold club and then slit Aarushis throat to mislead the investigations.Under such assumptions Rajesh was named the prime suspect and both parents were declared suspects.

CBI involvement

The police were accused of trying to frame the Talwars to cover up the

ir blothed investigations. So the case is then handed over to the CBI of India the Central Bureau of Investigations.

People in the servants room

Based on the new evidence CBI claimed that there were three people in the servants room that night with Hemraj having a party. This was claimed based on a bottle of wine and food discovered in the house. These people were told to be Krishna Tadari the Talwars assistant, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal who were servants of nearby houses. CBI then directed their suspicion towards these three people.

The Narco Test

They were interrogated using narcotics by the CBI. They call this method a narco test.In this interrogation they accept that they raped and killed Aarushi and then murdered Hemraj for being a witness and opposing their activities. But the narco test was not accepted as solid evidence so all three people got released.


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Second CBI team

Despite the failure the case was handed over to a second CBI team. This team declared Rajesh Talwar the prime suspect and both parents were declared suspects again.

The verdict in 2013

In 2013 the parents were convicted and sentenced to life.Buy the verdict was not given based on strong evidence.

After conviction

Verdict in 2017

Talwars challenged the verdict on Allahabad high court. On October 2017 the Talwars were acquitted due to unsatisfactory evidence.

The case still remain unsolved without proper evidence to prove anything about what really happened. Hemrajs family is in strong belief that Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar is responsible for the murders. They have come from Nepal to India to appeal the verdict of 2017 and put Talwars back in jail.

The movies based on the case

However there are few movies based on the assumptions and rumors of the case. Two Hindi language movies directly involved the case and few Tamil movies also have references to the case.

Indian women died on her way to her own rape trial

india women died

A 23 years old women in Unnao , Uttar Pradesh died on Friday. She was on her way to testify at the trial of two men accused of rape. She was attacked set on fire as she traveled to the Unnao railway station.

She has suffered burns to 95% on her body and died on Friday night because of a cardiac arrest at a hospital in New Delhi.

Before she died, she told police the two men who stand accused of raping her in this march were involve involved in Thursday’s attack. Also, their fathers and nephew also involved in the incident.

According to the police, the two accused rapist was out on bail and the other had been n the run. But five men were initially arrested on suspicion on Thursday.

But most of the women’s social service leaders are blamed holes in the legal system of India. Also, they pointed out the gang rape and murder of a27 year’s old woman in Hyderabad last week.







Most Visited Cities in the World in 2019

hong kong

A UK based market Research Company made a report called Euromonitor international Top 100 City Destinations 2019. Hong Kong is on the top of the list this year. The protest held on the city does not stop it from named as the most visited destination of this year.

This report is based on MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index and it charts international overnight visitors. The Euromonitor report includes tourism visitors over 400 cities from all around the world. And this data is on visitors who travel to another country at least for 24 hours. So this report does not include domestic visitors and the day-trippers. Asia is on the top of the list and followed by Europe.

Top Cities based on 2019 arrival estimates

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Bangkok, Thailand
  3. London, England
  4. Macau
  5. Singapore
  6. Paris, France
  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  8. New York City, USA
  9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  10. Istanbul, Turkey






ketodiet plan

keto Diet Plan – Beginners Diet plan for Lose weight

A keto diet plan contains low carb and the high-fat amount and it provides lots of health benefits.

Also, many studies proved that this helps you to lose weight and to improve health. Keto diet also has benefits against diseases like diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

What is a Keto Diet?

This has similaketo diet foodsrities with the Atkins diet and low-carb diets. But it is really different from that.

These diets drastically reduce carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat.

Your body then goes to a metabolic state called ketosis. Ketosis makes the body to burn fat for energy. So this will reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.

Let’s see how to create your own Keto diet plan.

How to Create a Diet Plan for Your Self

For that, you have to learn what type of foods to avoid and what to include in your diet.

You should limit any food that is high in carb. Some of them are like Sugary foods like cake,  ice cream, candy, and Soda.

Grains or starches like rice, cereal, pasta, and Wheat-based products. Also, you should avoid Beans or legumes like Peas, kidney beans, lentils,  and chickpeas.

Also well known that Sugar-free diet foods and Low-fat or diet products should not include in the diet.

Sugar-free diet foods are often high in sugar alcohols and that will sometime affect the ketosis process.

Also, it is advised to limit Unhealthy fats and alcohol intake. So then what you are going to include in your diet.
You can eat meat like steak and red meat and fatty fish such as salmon. Also cheese eggs butter and cream will nourish your diet.

Not only that you have to add low carb veggies, Avocadoes, nuts and seeds with healthy oils.

ketodiet plan


For example, you can eat Bacon, basil and goat cheese omelet with tomatoes

and Prepare a lunch with Chicken salad with olive oil and avocado with a handful of nuts. Then you can add Pork chops with Parmesan cheese and boiled broccoli with a side salad.

Stay tuned for more diet plans future


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tayler swift

Taylor Swift – Won the Artist of the Decade Award AMAs 2019 –

tayler swift AMA

Taylor Alison Swift who is well known as the Taylor Swift, is a singer and a songwriter made this year American Music Awards a historic night for herself and the whole music industry.

She started her career in the year 2006. Since then she has achieved many awards throughout her music industry including 10 Grammy Awards, 23 Billboard Music Awards, six Guinness World Records, and much more.

This amazing popstar won six awards at AMAs which took place at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles this year.

This took her all-time total to 29 surpassing Michael Jackson’s record of 24. These trophies include artist of the decade, artist of the year, the favorite music video for” You Need To Calm Down”, and favorite female artist – Pop/Rock and Favourite Artist – Adult Contemporary. Also, she delivered a powerful performance with her hit song “The Man”  and ended up the performance with “Love Story,” “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Blank Space.” Not only that she also sang the song “Shake It Off,” with Halsey and Camila Cabello. The history made the song  “Lover,” was performed with a special performance by dancer Misty Copeland.

Despite all the winning and performance, her speech catches everyone’s heart. She did not directly reference her dispute with Braun but said  “This year for me has been a lot. It’s been a lot of good, it’s been a lot of really complicated.” and also she said  “I cannot believe that it’s Carole King, it’s you, who gave me this award. My parents are here tonight, and they would listen to Tapestry and all your other records in high school and then they took those records with them, packed them up in boxes and took them to college with them. Then when they met and they got their own house, they

tayler swift

took those records with them there. And then when they had my brother and me, they played those records for us.” after receiving the award. All in all, later she tweeted that ” Hi guys have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU” by saying thanks to all of her fans.