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Dark Knight Rises voted as the best movie of the decade

According to a vote by Lad Bible, Dark Knight Rises has been chosen as the best movie of the decade. After a series of votes , Dark Knight Rises, Inception and Toy Story 3 were selected for the final round.

A series of polls were held by Lad Bible in four days. Series of top grossing movies were up against each other. Then each of the winners had to contest in the finals.

This movie which was a box office hit in 2012 was directed by Christopher Nolan. Actor Christine Bale played the main character as Batman ( Bruce Wayne ). End of the movie provided an insight to the fact that this is Christine Bales last Batman movie.

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New mineral found in meteorite

The wedderburn meteorite was found north-east of Wedderburn in 1951. This was a small 210 gram space rock that fell out of sky. Scientists have researched on it for decades. Due to these researches, now only one third of the original specimen remains intact.

Caltech mineralogist Chi Ma and his team of scientists made a new discovery. They analyzed the meteorite and verified the first natural occurrence of “Escottite”.

Escottite is a rare form of iron carbide mineral which is also one phase iron goes through when its cooling down from a high temperature when it’s smelted in to steel. This mineral was never found in nature before.

Escottite is named after Ed R.D. Scott, a cosmochemist at the University of Hawaii, and pioneering meteorite researcher. He first identified the unique iron carbide in 1971 while studying the meteorite. But the technology hadn’t advanced far enough for him to characterize its structure.

How it formed is still unclear. Geoffrey Bonning, a planetary scientist at the Australian National University, who was not involved in this research speculated to The Age that it was blasted out of the core of another planet.

The hypothetical planet, he said, formed when asteroids clumped into one big planet. The planet heated up during its formation, and hot metal dripped into its core.

“This meteorite had an abundance of carbon in it. And as it slowly cooled down, the iron and carbon came together and formed this mineral,” Mills said.

Eventually, another astronomical body may have collided with the planet, flinging the debris across solar system.

Chi Ma
The actual size

Game of Thrones Actor Andrew Dunbar dead on christmas eve

Andrew Dunbar who acted as the body double of the character “Theon Grejoy” in popular TV series Game of Thrones died in his 30s. His body was found  on the Christmas eve at his Belfast home. Mr.Dunbar was the body double of actor Alfie Allen who played the “Theon Grejoy” Character. He also acted as a background actor in the battle scenes. He also acted in TV shows such Line of Duty and Derry Girls and also worked as a DJ. 

No cause of death has been made public yet. Addressing the tragedy on Instagram Alfie Allen wrote,  “Andrew was an actor who was also a stand-in as Theon on GoT. Extremely shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. ‘To lose a loved one so young, I can only imagine what his family are going through. RIP Andrew xxx.” His other colleagues who paid tribute described him as a ‘beautiful soul’.


Elon Musk is unhappy about his wikipedia page

Tesla CEO Elon Musk checked his wikipedia page for the first time in his life and he seems to be unhappy about the page. He tweeted, “Just looked at my wiki for 1st time in years. It’s insane!” Musk tweeted on Sunday, saying the page was “a war zone with a zillion edits.”

He also tweeted that he should not be introduced as an investor because he does zero investing. “Can someone please delete ‘investor.’ I do basically zero investing,” he wrote.

He also wrote that, “If Tesla & SpaceX go bankrupt, so will I. As it should be,” implying that most of his wealth is in the stocks of both companies.

The wikipedia described him as a technology engineer, entrepreneur and investor. But Musk claimed that he doesn’t own stakes in any companies other than those founded by himself, primarily Tesla and SpaceX.

After about 5 hours from his tweet, few wikipedia users deleted the word investor. After a short while another user replaced the word investor with “Business Magnet” as requested by Elon

Currently only the registered and confirmed users can edit Elon’s Wikipedia page (Semi Protection mode). 

But with this kind of response Wikipedia may consider upgrading it to the Full Protection mode which only allows the administrator to edit.


History of the largest toy manufacturer

Lego Group is a plastic manufacturing company based in Billund, Denmark. It has become the largest toy manufacturer in the world today. The groups flagship brand LEGO has become the leading toy brand surpassing its top rival Mattel.

But if it wern’t for a genius wood worker and a series of fires, no one would have known a company named Lego.

Once Billund was a village less known to the world, and Ole Kirk Christiansen was just a simple carpenter living there. This carpenter was a very ambitious man.

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Christiansen turned his passion for wood crafting in to a business.In 1916 he opened his own shop.At first he produced ladders, stools and ironing boards in this shop. His ironing boards were very famous for its high quality.

But in 1924 while he was just about to expand his business in to succession, an unfortunate event happened. His sons accidentally lighted a pile of woods in the shop. This resulted in a devastating fire which burnt down his shop and the entire building, with the house which they lived in.

Instead of falling apart, he received this incident as a motive to build a larger workshop. However he was not so lucky. Misfortune began to follow him. In 1929  the American stock market crash affected him negatively and his wife died in 1932. Christian struggled with the personal and financial crisis and he lost most of his staff too.

Then he made a tough decision to use his wood to create cheaper goods that would sell more. He started creating cheap wooden toys.

Early Toys

At first he went in to bankruptcy. But his passion for toys pushed the company forward. Despite the difficulties he even renamed the company to reflect its new direction. “Leg godt”, or “play well,” became LEGO.

Once a great iron board builder became a legend and a brilliant toy maker. His models of cars, animals and pull toys gained a huge fan base.

The toy factory once again burned to ground entirely in 1942, when the Germans invaded Denmark. But then he was well established, not only to start again but to think forward. 

At the end of World War 2 , manufacturers faced difficulties finding traditional material for products. As a result many manufacturers were researching in to advantages of plastic as a cheap and alternative material. They found out that plastic injection molding was a good method to use in various industries including toys. In this method melted plastic is forced in to the cavity of a precise mold, to create things. However, due to materials shortages the Danish government forbade its commercial use until 1947.

Despite this ban, Christiansen obtained the first injection molding machine in Denmark in 1946, and began experiments on producing toys through it. In 1947 with the lift of the ban, he could finally use it in production. By 1949 the company was producing a plastic product called the Automatic Binding Brick.

Bricks by Kiddicraft

This brick was inspired on another product, self locking bricks invented by the British company Kiddicraft. Lego says that Kiddicraft allowed them to use its design without obligations. However Lego formally bought the design rights for themselves, from their inventors decedents in 1981.

Christensen and his son, Godtfred improved this British design and began selling plastic bricks in 1949. Although they were not much popular at first, more and more popularity was gained overtime as years passed.

Christensen died in 1952.


Christensens son Godtfred invented the “System of play” concept. This means that all bricks should integrate with each other, can be built together and can be used in multiple ways. This also means that a brick purchased today can be fit with a brick produced in future.  This concept led to the modern Lego brick. It took 5 years to find the correct material for this. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) polymer was the material for modern Lego brick which was invented in 1958. It was patented on 28 January 1958.

Lego bricks are well known for its unusual records too. In 2011 space shuttle Endeavor took 13 sets of Lego bricks to the International Space Station to research how the low gravity affects the bricks.This is related to the ” Lego Bricks in Space program” of the company.

X-Fighter made out of lego bricks

In 2013 the largest structure created by Lego bricks were displayed in New York which was a 1:1 scale model of an X-Wing fighter made out of over 5 million bricks.

February 2015, Lego surpassed Ferrari and became the worlds most powerful brand.

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Teen builds prosthetic limb out of Lego Cubes

Lego is the largest toys manufacturer in the world.Located in Billund, Denmark they manufacture a line of plastic construction toys which consists of colorful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears ,figurines called mini figures, and various other parts.

Lego cubes can be assembled and connected in to various types of constructions including cars, buildings or working robots. Anything constructed can be removed again and reused to create another construction.


David Aguilar who’s also nicknamed ‘Hand Solo’ is a 19 year old teenager who used Lego cubes for a different task. Aguilar, 19, who studies bioengineering at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Spain was born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition. He used Lego cubes at the age of 9 to build a prosthetic arm. Afterwards he developed this as improving versions which each had more moving capacity than the previous ones. The arm is now the 4th version with more functionality.

Prosthetic arms are known to be very expensive. The cost is usually around $4,000 to upwards of $100,000 depending on its functionality. But Lego bricks are much cheaper. Davids dream is to produce affordable prosthetic limbs for those in need.

david aguilar
David Aguilar with his set of arms

“As a child I was very nervous to be in front of other guys, because I was different, but that didn’t stop me believing in my dreams,” Aguilar, who is from Andorra, a tiny principality between Spain and France, told Reuters. He added, “I wanted to … see myself in the mirror like I see other guys, with two hands.” he says.

All the versions are named MK followed by a number as a tribute to comic book superhero Iron Man and his MK armor suits. The arm has an electric motor in it to bend it in elbow joint and to flex the grabber.

After graduation from the university he wants to start production of these limbs to support those who are in need.

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Worlds oldest fossil forest discovered in NY

Scientists have been able to discover what appears to be the worlds oldest fossil forest in an abandoned New York Sandstone quarry.

A team led by scientists from Cardiff University, Binghamton University in New York, as well as New York State Museum, have mapped out 3,000 square metres of the forgotten forest in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in the Hudson Valley.

The previous known oldest fossil forest Gilboa was also from the New York state. The newly discovered forest dates back about 386 million years which is about 3 million years older than Gilboa.

According to Chris Berry from Cardiff University’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Fossil forests are extremely rare. He says that to understand how trees began to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we need to understand the ecology and habitats of the very earliest forests.

The scientists have been able to identify about two types of trees this forest would have included. They are cladoxylopsids, primitive tree-fern-like plants, which lacked flat green leaves, and Archaeopteris, which had a conifer-like woody trunk and frond-like branches with green flattened leaves. Archaeopteris also featured enormous woody roots, which had not previously been seen in forests of this era.


However this forest rarely had any wildlife due to the fact that the first dinosaur  appeared on earth 150 million years later. And also there were no vertebrates on land and no birds during that time.

primary occupants were millipede-like creatures, called myriapods, and some other primitive insects that may or may not have begun to fly.

“It is surprising to see plants which were previously thought to have had mutually exclusive habitat preferences growing together on the ancient Catskill delta.This would have looked like a fairly open forest with small to moderate sized coniferous-looking trees with individual and clumped tree-fern like plants of possibly smaller size growing between them”
says Co-author of the study Dr Chris Berry, from Cardiff University’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. He also said that  , “In order to really understand how trees began to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we need to understand the ecology and habitats of the very earliest forests, and their rooting systems.
“These remarkable findings have allowed us to move away from the generalities of the importance of large plants growing in forests, to the specifics of which plants, in which habitats, in which types of ecology were driving the processes of global change.
“We have literally been able to drill into the fossil soil between the trees and are now able to investigate geochemical changes to the soil with our colleagues at Sheffield University.
“We are really getting a handle on the transition of the Earth to a forested planet.”

The new findings were published on Thursday in the journal of Current Biology.


Members of a Facebook group assume themselves as prehistoric humans

Facebook groups are very popular these days, specially among the younger generation. Several Facebook users with common interests getting together in to groups , is a common scenario these days all around the world. 

Although most of these groups are regular groups, there are some bizzare groups among the users.

Boobquake is a Group Trying to Prove that Boobs Don’t Cause Earthquakes. Benjyo Soujer is a Japanese Group that Meets to Clean Public Toilets. Accomplishing Something Before the Microwave Reaches :00 is a group of people that tries to accomplish a task before the microwave  beeps.Dear Pringles, I Cannot Fit My Hand Inside Your Tube of Deliciousness is a group that urges Pringles to enlarge there container, so they can put their hands inside. That Moment of Shame When an Automatic Door Doesn’t Open for You is another group who discuss this issue of automatic doors and the shame caused through it. These groups have millions of subscribers and are very popular than we imagine.

As a new addition for these set of groups, Sri Lankan users have created a group where the users post and discuss things assuming that they live before 66 million years.

Although it’s not clear if humans existed 66 million years back, these group members assume that a kind of ancient humans did exist. So they assume themselves as these ancient humans and behave that way. They also seem to be assuming that the Facebook is available at that time.

As noticeable activities in this group, they discuss about ancient food, Dinosaurs and hunting etc.. Their most popular creature seem to be the T-Rex. Their discussions also involve a lot on “how to hunt dinosaurs”. Lot of them discuss how they ride Dinosaurs as vehicles and how they raise dinosaurs as pets replacing modern day dogs or cats. Some members even post ancient hunting equipment such as daggers and dinosaurs to ride as vehicles for sale in this group. Although these are not genuine sales, users seem to have lot of fun through these by inquiring the price, bidding on the items etc.. The members also discuss a lot about the discovery of “fire” and “wheel”.

A post about hunting mamoths
A women gets to know that someone in the cave next door discovered fire and blames her husband for not discovering it first. envy.
Interraction between humans and dinosaurs. This dinosaur is not happy because its master is busy and not paying attention to it.
This is a vehicle advertisement. The dinosaur is for sale as a vehicle which people can ride.

This group however is in Sinhalese language and its concepts are somewhat similar to the concepts in The Flintstones cartoon. Although not realistic, a lot of subscribers seem to be enjoying and having fun in this group through using their creativity to entertain the others.

The Flintstones

History of elevators

Ancient times

In the past the higher floors of buildings were allocated to janitors and servants due to the reason that they are very inconvenient to reach. This is because people had to use stairs to climb with lots of effort. For instance imagine climbing the 23rd floor of a building using stairs. 

But today because of the elevators it has been made possible to reach even more floors effortlessly and more safely. For instance the tallest building in the world today , The  Burj Khalifa has 160 floors. Imagine having stairs instead of elevators, climbing the top floor won’t even be possible for average human being.

The earliest known invention of an elevator is by Archimedes the Ancient Greek mathematician around 235BC. His design was a wooden platform hung by ropes. This was used for transporting water and building materials. This was operated by people or animals.

Archimedes Thoughtful by Domenico Fetti (1620)

There are records of the ancient Coliseum having 24 elevators to transport lions. It is said that the doors of each 24 opened simultaneously to release the Lions in to the arena.

The model of an elevator at Colosseum
The Colosseum or Coliseum by Alessandroferri

Modern times

Development of the modern time elevators began in 1800’s. First generation of the elevators was steam powered. Then they slowly evolved in to hydraulics. The first passenger elevator was introduced in 1857 by Elisha Otis. The founder of the Otis Elevator company. This was used in a department store of New York (Haughwout Building in New York City).

Haughwout Building in New York City
Elisha Otis

Electric Elevator

In 1880 the electric elevator was invented by German inventor Wener Von Siemens. In 1889, the first commercially successful electric elevator was installed.

Wener Von Siemens
Demonstratino of the electric elevator

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Automatic Doors

Alexander Miles patented an elevator with automatic closing doors on October 11, 1887. This elevator had a mechanism to automatically close the doors when the elevator is not on a floor and is moving. Before this there were several reported accidents regarding people falling down because of, forgetting to close shaft doors. So this became a milestone when considering elevator safety.

Alexander Miles

Earlier days, people were anxious to travel in modern type elevators. This is specially because of the enclosed space when the doors are closed. As a solution hotels, offices etc… used to play music inside elevators to calm down the users. Even today this method is used in some elevators. Then mirrors were used to make the elevator look more spacious and avoid claustrophobia. Mirrors also kept people bit busy ( by staring at it and assessing themselves etc…) to make the journey feel shorter.

Today over 325000000 people travel in elevators daily (worldwide). average person travel 4 times a day. Elevators have become more safer than escalators today. It is said that chances of an elevator getting stuck is 1 in 5000. Even if an elevator gets stuck between floors the people inside won’t get suffocated as most people think. The elevator is not an airtight compartment. However if you get stuck in an elevator you should calm down and use the emergency alarms, and then wait for the rescue crews to save you. Trying to escape yourself may be very dangerous.

Most modern day elevators run outside the buildings in a way that users can see outside for viewing pleasure, and the elevator also can be seen from outside the building. So if anything is wrong with an elevator (ex – Stuck) , it can be easily detected from outside. The rescues also can be done more conveniently.

outdoor lift
Outdoor elevators

E-Cigarettes increase the risk of lung diseases?

According to a study by UC San Francisco researchers, E-Cigarettes may increase the risk of developing chronic lung diseases. This is the first long-term study about the relationship between e cigarettes and the risk of developing lung diseases such as emphysema,asthma, chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) and bronchitis. This study represented the entire US adult population.

“What we found is that for e-cigarette users, the odds of developing lung disease increased by about a third, even after controlling for their tobacco use and their clinical and demographic information,” said Stanton Glantz, PhD, a UCSF professor of medicine and director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, in a press release.

They found out that most smokers use both the e cigarette and tobacco together. They found out that this is even more riskier than using one of them along. People who use both of them are at an even higher risk of receiving chronic lung disease than those who exclusive smoked tobacco or used an e cigarette.

“Switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes exclusively could reduce the risk of lung disease, but very few people do it,For most smokers, they simply add e-cigarettes and become dual users, significantly increasing their risk of developing lung disease above just smoking.” Glantz said in the news release.

Glantz and his team determined that their research supports to the argument that e-cigarettes are “making the tobacco epidemic worse.”

American Cancer Society has also published an article about Risks of E cigerattes.


Elon Musks SpaceX to carry Coffee and Cannabis to space

An American agrotech company is planning to send weeds and coffee to the space. This company named Front Range Bio Sciences plan to send them on a SpaceX cargo flight. The cargo flight is SpaceX CRS-20 cargo flight which is set for launch in March 2020.

The purpose is to observe how low gravity and space radiation affect the genetics of plant cell cultures. For this mission Front Range has teamed up with Space Cells and Bio Serve a tech startup research institute in the University of Colorado.

The cells will be on International Space Station for a month under observation from earth by the research institute. Then the cells will be transported back to earth.

Internatinoal Space Station

This is one of the first times anyone is researching the effects of micro gravity and spaceflight on hemp and coffee cell cultures.There is science to support the theory that plants in space experience mutations. This is an opportunity to see whether those mutations hold up once brought back to earth

Front Range CEO Dr Jonathan Vaught told.

Musk looks on at SpaceX Falcon 9 post-launch news conference in Cape Canaveral
SpaceX founder Elon Musk
Front Range Ceo Dr Jonathan Vaught
SpaceX rockets

Seal pup, chased to the sea by children and drowned

A seal pup which was unable to swim was chased to sea by children, and was drowned in Norfolk. Conversationalists have warned the public to leave the animals along.

Horsey, in Norfolk is a breeding ground for lots of endangered animals. Tourists gather to witness these animals. But their actions seem to be harmful to these animals.

The Seal colony struggled with litter in the past and now they are being chased to their deaths.

Friends of Horsey Seals, The group that looks after these seals angrily posted on Facebook. They posted

A VERY sad day for us today at Winterton beach. We lost two young healthy pups due to human intervention. The first pup (pictured) was literally surrounded by people in the dunes and the mum couldn’t get back it to, so abandoned it where it later died.

The second was a mum and healthy pup near the slope at the cafe. Two young children were allowed by their mother to chase the young unweaned, non waterproof pup into the water where it drowned.


Please keep your distance.

Please listen to the wardens.

The site is assessed every day and if the wardens ask you to walk on the high dunes this is for your safety and the safety and protection of the seals.

Musk looks on at SpaceX Falcon 9 post-launch news conference in Cape Canaveral

Elon Musk’s mom trolled him on Twitter

Last Tuesday Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, tweeted a 1995 picture of Elon with his very first car, saying “and people said you knew nothing about cars”

Elon responded with a comment explaining the backstory of the picture saying “Couldn’t afford to pay for repairs, so I fixed almost everything on that car from parts in the junkyard. Ironically, that’s me replacing broken side window glass. The circle is complete lol”. Elon said referring to the recent smashed windows incident of the Cyber truck.

Although Maye’s tweet seem to be an innocent tweet, she already knew about the embarrassment caused on stage by the smashed windows of Tesla cyber-truck.So this can be viewed as Elon’s mother casually trolling him about the Cybertruck incident.

The car in Maye’s tweet is a BMW 320i that Elon has bought for $1400 in 1993. Elon also told the twitter users how the window of the old car broke. “They smashed the window to steal the radio which is worth may be $20”.


Are there two black holes at the center of our galaxy?


As most of  you already know there’s a giant black hole  called Sgr A* at the center of our galaxy. Astronomers say that this has a mass of  4 million times of our sun. Astronomers observing the star movement of this center black hole now say that there may be a second black hole. They say that this black hole is near the same area. For more than 20 years this team observed the orbits of stars around Sgr A*.

Based on what we’ve seen,my colleagues and I show that if there is a friend there, it might be a second black hole nearby that is at least 100,000 times the mass of the Sun.

Says Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles.

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FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites

Federal officials arrested two people in Las Vegas. These two named Darryl Polo, 36, and Luis Villarino, 40 were running two of the largest illegal television and movie streaming services.

The prosecutors are going to charge them on  copyright infringement for running iStreamItAll and Jetflix. One of these is an illegal TV streaming service and the other is a subscribed streaming service.

With roughly 120000 TV shows and 10000 movies, this subscribed streaming service provided more content than any of the other legal sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Vudu.

Polo have convinced subscribers of legal services to cancel the subscriptions in favor of pirated content.Polo also have downloaded the content from torrents illegally and hosted for streaming. Polo admitted to have earned more than 1 million $ from the services.

Polo used a sophisticated computer program to crawl pirate sites for illegal content. This program then automatically downloads and uploads found content to Canadian servers for streaming.

Officials say that in addition Polo ran several other piracy services too.Their services have costed copyright owners millions of dollars.


Polo and Villarino will be sentenced in Virginia next March.



5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Pinterest Marketing in 2020


When you think about social media marketing, the first social sites that would come to your mind would be Facebook, followed by Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… And you would be right. Because it works.

But if you’re willing to invest the time and the energy, Pinterest is an underrated social media marketing platform that can be a game changer in taking your business to the next level.

Although Pinterest started out as a platform that was mostly female-centric, 40% of new Pinterest users are men. In fact, 1 out of 3 dads are on Pinterest. Today, Pinterest has grown to have a diverse audience of almost 200 million monthly users, and includes millennials, parents, app aficionados and many more.

There are a number of reasons that Pinterest is becoming highly relevant in today’s marketing context, as the use case of Pinterest is much more different and specific than other social media platforms.

Here are some reasons why.

Pinterest users are more engaged


Pinterest users or “Pinners” are extremely active on the platform and base most of their purchase decisions based on its content. 67% of users look at saved Pinterest content while in store. Saw a dress that you like? Pinned for future reference. Since Pinterest is a visual platform, which is also its USP, it makes sense to have a presence on Pinterest in order to help your potential customers find you and your products or services for instant brand recall.

It’s also interesting to note that 55% of people specifically use Pinterest to shop online, more than any other social media platform (Kleiner Perkins, 2016 Industrial Trends Report). Also, 84% of users say that Pinterest helps them learn new things, which makes Pinterest an ideal tool for increasing product discovery.

Pinterest is popular with millennials

They say millennials have killed a lot of things, but they are killing it . 18-34 year old in the US are an extremely focused demographic that are actually, increasingly yearning for time away from devices. 67% of them feel that they are spending too much time being “connected”. Instead, they are looking to get offline and spend more time productively, improving their lives—and to do that, they’re using Pinterest.

Millenials who use Pinterest believe they are able to take vague ideas and transform them into reality through the platform. Whether it’s everyday activities like finding a recipe to planning life events such as weddings or learning how to plan for a new baby. This makes millenials a unique and important audience—they’re in a stage of their life where many life events often occur. In fact, 61% say they want to achieve a big milestone in the next five years.

Millennial Pinterest users also have the financial resources to pursue these goals. Many have successful careers that allow them to earn and spend. Those who use Pinterest spend 17% more than millennials who don’t, from make up to recreating a certain look, to home decor ideas and accessories.

Pinterest reaches both men and women


Pinterest has become increasingly popular with both men and women across a wide demographic. In the US, 68% of women between 25-34 are on Pinterest, while 40% of new users are men. The Income capacity of these user base is also significant, with 8 out of 10 female Pinterest users between 22-54 are high income earners, ahead of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Pinterest reaches most US families


With almost 43 million Pinterest users planning for a baby and 900 million parenting Pins, Pinterest is an ideal platform to reach parents.

Pinterest users are planners, and With new parents, this is a great way to connect with consumers whose mindset is shifting from inspirational to actionable. 7 in 10 US moms and 1 in 3 dads are already on Pinterest, it’s an intriguing opportunity to reach this audience.

Pinterest users are mobile centric


Pinterest users are highly engaged and 80% of Pinterest users use the mobile app on a regular basis. It’s also interesting to note that typically, mobile Pinterest sessions last longer than other social platforms, making their valuable view time that much more significant. There are also more mobile-only Pinterest users than on Facebook and Twitter.

There you have it! Those are some of the reasons why you should be taking a closer look at Pinterest for your next social marketing campaigns.

if you have any questions, just ask us at and we’d be happy to answer them for you!

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Article by: Buzzmcx


Developing Your Social Media Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide

The key component to performing well on your social media marketing is having a social media strategy.

Without a social media strategy in place, in most cases, you’re just going through the motions, without a clear purpose and understanding on what you’re hoping to achieve. Without a clear understanding on what your goals are, who is your target audience and what they want, it’s extremely difficult to get the results you hope to achieve on social media.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We compiled this helpful guide so that you can get started on getting real, measurable results with these 8 handy tips to level up your social media strategy.

Creating a social media marketing strategy

Your social media strategy intersects with your social media plan. You could say that your strategy is about deciding where you’re headed. Your plan is about how you get there.

You can easily start this process by asking yourself these 05 questions:

  1. Why do you want to be on social media?

  2. Who is your intended target audience?

  3. What are you going to share?

  4. Where are you going share?

  5. When are you going share?

This template can be used for each of the social media channels you select and then consolidated to create an overall social media strategy.

1.Why do you want to be on social media?

Our first task should be to understand the Why. This is directly connected to your social media goals and what you hope to achieve. Are you on social media to promote your product/service? To generate traffic to your website? Or is it to serve your customers?

In general, we can usually categorize your social media goals under one of the following goals:

  1. Increase brand awareness

  2. Drive traffic to your website

  3. Generate new leads

  4. Grow revenue

  5. Increase brand engagement

  6. Community growth around your business

  7. Provide customer service

  8. For PR purposes

  9. To listen to conversations for your brand.

It is of course likely you would hope to achieve more than one of these goals, which is fine, but it’s necessary to identify and prioritize your goals, especially if you’re a small business owner or have limited resources.

2. Who is your target audience?

Once you have an understanding of the Why, the next step is to identify your target audience.

Understanding your target audience will help you answer what, where and when you are going to share your content.

For example, if a fashion brand like @everlane knows its audience is conscious about ethical fashion and it’s impact, then sharing a story like the one below reinforces its core message and makes an emotional connection with its intended audience—people who are interested in ethical fashion..

Another way to identify target audiences is by building up marketing personas. Use the 5Ws and 1H to create them.

  • Who are they? (E.g. what’s their job, age, gender, salary, location, etc.)

  • What are they interested in? (E.g. entertainment, educational content, case studies, information on new products/services, etc.)

  • Where do they hang out online? (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

  • When do they look content? (E.g. weekends, during their daily commute, etc.)

  • Why do they consume the content? (E.g. to get better at their job, to become healthy, to stay up to date with something, etc.)

  • How do they consume content? (E.g. read social media posts, watch videos, etc.)

If you’ve been running your business for some time, you might already have a very good idea about your target audience, but writing it down helps you to narrow your focus accordingly.

3. What are you going to share?

Although at first glance this seems as simple as deciding on the types of content to share i.e. videos or images, if we step back and think of the bigger picture, it would be more accurate to say that you should be considering the “theme” of the content you share.

Here are a few brands and their theme(s):

Teva is a brand that sells a brand of all-terrain sandals and shares photos from its customers on their profile. User-generated content (UGC), is a great way to connect with its users, and it shows off all the different places and situations people wear their shoes on their Instagram feed.

GoPro, which is known for its rugged and versatile cameras, shares high-quality photos using their cameras as well as editorial content on their Facebook and Instagram feed.

Chipotle, as they describe themselves in their bio, deliver memes and burritos. Their Instagram feed is a hilarious and eclectic collection of content, with screenshots of tweets along with their very own Chipotle memes to keep their audience engaged.

If you scroll through each of the social media profiles above, you’ll notice that these brands have more than one main theme. By having a variety of themes is great because it gives you the space to share a range of content without appearing to be unfocused.

Having a good understanding of your target audience will help decide the themes for your content. Look at your marketing personas and consider the following questions:

  • What are the goals and challenges they have?

  • How can we help solve them?

For an apparel brand like Zara, a goal of its target audience might be to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. In that case, Zara should be sharing its latest products on its social media profiles as below.

"If you’re targeting people who are serious about beer, then it makes sense to be more visible on a platform that’s centered on your product offering.</p>

"If you’re targeting people who are serious about beer, then it makes sense to be more visible on a platform that’s centered on your product offering.</p>

5. When are you going share?


The last part of your social media strategy is identifying when you should be sharing your content.

At first glance, it may appear to be simple as finding the most optimum times to post and you wouldn’t be right. Sort of.

But if you again focus on the bigger picture, it makes sense to think of the behaviors of your intended audience. Ask yourself, When do they usually use social media to look for the kind of information we want them to see?

Let’s consider the following examples:

  • Sports fans are more likely to be on social media immediately before, during, and just after sports events to find and interact with content about the event.

  • Athletes might browse on Instagram during or after their morning or evening workouts.

  • People who love to travel are more likely to be active during the weekends when they are planning their next trip, or during work breaks.

  • Mothers of babies might be using social media when their children are resting during the evenings.

As you can see, there isn’t a single, universal best time for posting content. The right time to post depends largely on your audience. So try to plan your posts on general behavior patterns to make sure you’re getting your content ahead of your target audience.

By testing our posts at different times of the day, you can find the most optimum time for your brand.

When you have created your social media marketing strategy, you can then find your brand’s best time to post through experimentation.

And there you have it — your social media marketing strategy!

Those are some of the strategies that you can use when planning your next social media strategy session.

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