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Science and technology


Space X launches 60 more satellites to Starlink network

Elon Musks Space X network launched 60 more satellites to its Starlink network. With this 60 , the total satellites ...
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Mighty Mice return from Space

Genetically enhanced mice were on ISS since December 8th as a part of scientific experiment. The mice were donated by ...
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google ai

Google AI detects Breast Cancer more accurately than doctors

Google has developed an artificial intelligence system which detects the breast cancer. This systems detection is more accurate than doctors.This ...
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Scientists say they can move the solar system

As explained by a video in the you tube channel Kurzgesagt, It is theoretically possible to move our entire solar ...
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Delhi gets its first smog tower

India's New Delhi opened its first smog tower today (3rd January 2020). This tower was built through a project which ...
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Astronauts blood clot treated by doctors on earth

A NASA astronaut who was in a long term mission has developed a blood clot in the  jugular vein partway ...
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Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Alphabet and Google

It is announced that Sundar Pichai will be the CEO of the parent company Alphabet in addition to his role ...
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