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Science and technology


German circus uses holograms instead of real animals

A German circus is the first in the world to use holograms to relieve real animals. Animal activists are praising ...
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Solar road in France is a failure

It's called the Wattaway. A 1 km long road which is covered in 2800 solar panels. It's located in Normandy ...
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Scientists create living machine-animal hybrid

Constructed by the biological material taken from Xenopus laevis frog, these machines are dubbed as "Xenobots". No one has ever ...
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Why is the sky blue?

We all know that the sky is usually blue but have you ever wondered why the sky is Blue? The ...
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Scientists increased the lifespan of a creature 5 times usual

According to a study published in Journal Cell Reports, a group of scientists has been able to increase the lifespan ...
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Sony unveils an electric car

Under its Vision S initiative, Sony cooperation unveiled their electric car on Monday. The car equipped with autonomous driving was ...
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Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Alphabet and Google

It is announced that Sundar Pichai will be the CEO of the parent company Alphabet in addition to his role ...
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