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Science and technology


FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites

Federal officials arrested two people in Las Vegas. These two named Darryl Polo, 36, and Luis Villarino, 40 were running ...
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Apple has its own cloth to clean the Pro Display XDR

Apples Pro Display XDR costs $5000 along and the stand costs $1000. But Apple says that you can use only ...
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NASA Mars ice map

NASA finds water ice on Mars

When it comes to space exploration, one important factor is the discovery of water. This is because space travelers can ...
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windows mobile device

Microsofts Windows 10 mobile OS is finally dead

As we all know, Microsofts windows 10 mobile platform has been inactive for years now. Even Microsoft advised people that ...
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BMW will finally support android phones in 2020

Automobile manufacturing giant BMW seem to have realized that each and every one of their users does not own an ...
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Steve Sasson with the invented camera

Its Not About Innovation. Kodak’s Downfall Story.

Kodak's core business was selling films for cameras. Kodak was founded in the late 1880s and became the giant in ...
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Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Alphabet and Google

It is announced that Sundar Pichai will be the CEO of the parent company Alphabet in addition to his role ...
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