A tray full of home baked yorkshire puddings

How to make Yorkshire Puddings

Ingredients 140g plain flour (this is about 200ml/7fl oz) 4 eggs (200ml/7fl oz) 200ml milk sunflower oil, for cooking Method ...
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Die Hard 4 - retour en enfer Die Hard 4.0 2007 Real : Len Wiseman Bruce Willis COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL

Bruce Willis acts in a Die Hard movie type battery ad

Bruce Willis acted again as Jhon McClane of Die Hard, but this time for a battery commercial by Advance Auto ...
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Why do cats purr

Purring is the most noticeable sound that a cat makes, other than their “meow”. We assume that cats purr because ...
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"Playing With Fire" New York Premiere

Jhon Cena marries Shay Shariatzadeh in Tampa, Florida

The famous WWE star married his girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh in a quiet ceremony at Tampa, Florida. They are known to ...
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Showtime brings back Dexter

Showtime has ordered a limited series of Dexter. This mini-series will revive the long-running serial killer drama, Dexter. Michael C ...
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Conchata Ferrell Dies at 77 : former ‘Two and a Half Men’ Co-Star

Conchata Ferrell, a three-time Emmy nominee, died Monday at Sherman Oaks Hospital due to cardiac arrest. She was 77 years ...
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Naming months of the year

The names of the months in English (as well as in many other languages) are originated by Latin words. Many ...
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How to create your own website using wordpress

Website development was for the experts earlier A few years back, creating a web site was something done by the ...
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Science and technology


Asteroid may strike Earth day prior to US Elections

An asteroid with the size of a refrigerator could hit the Earth on the day before the US Elections. According ...
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Two massive pieces of space debris could collide tonight

Two massive pieces of space debris could collide tonight, says the LeoLabs inc. The two objects are a discarded Russian ...
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How to download YouTube Videos

When you watch videos on youtube, you need data every time you watch the video. In the mobile application, there's ...
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black hole

“Closest to Earth” black hole discovered

Scientists have discovered the black hole closest to the earth. Well, of course, this is the closest one until a ...
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tom cruise

Tom Cruise is going to shoot a movie in space

Tom Cruise is going to fly into space to shoot a movie. NASA confirms it. The head of NASA confirmed ...
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What’s the oldest record of someone getting killed by a meteorite?

A team of scientists thinks they’ve found the earliest evidence of a man killed by a meteorite. The report is ...
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Prince Williams New Documentary – Opened up about traumatic death of Princess Diana.

The new documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health will airs May 28 on BBC one channel. The film ...
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US doctors paste their smiling faces over PPE

Coronavirus has made the health workers brave heroes on the frontline. These health workers include Doctors, Nurses, and other staff ...
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Beggar, but richer than most

Bharat Jain is a 49-year-old beggar who mostly begs in the Parel region Mumbai. What’s special about this beggar is ...
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John Glenn, the first American to orbit earth

In 1962 John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth. After the first two Soviet astronauts, he was ...
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Worlds longest fingernails holder, Ayanna Williams

Would you like to have 18 feet fingernails? Probably you don’t. But Ayanna Williams maintains fingernails of more than 18 ...
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Jessica Cox, the armless girl who achieved far more than normal people

Jessica Cox was born in 1983 in Arizona. Due to a special medical condition, Jessica was born without arms. In ...
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daniel kish

The real world Batman, Daniel Kish

Daniel Kish (born in 1966) is an American expert in echolocation and the president of the foundation called World Access ...
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Italian man takes books to rural villages on 3 wheels

Basilicata is a small city in the far south of Italy. In the past this area was very rural and ...
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Want to save? Keep bigger notes in the wallet

If you want to save the money in your pocket, load your wallet with bigger money notes rather than smaller ...
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Tesla Acquires Maxwell

Super car manufacturer Tesla has acquired the battery maker Maxwell Technologies for over 200 million. It seems Tesla and Maxwell ...
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Elon Musk is unhappy about his wikipedia page

Tesla CEO Elon Musk checked his wikipedia page for the first time in his life and he seems to be ...
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History of the largest toy manufacturer

Lego Group is a plastic manufacturing company based in Billund, Denmark. It has become the largest toy manufacturer in the ...
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